GF Vip, also Pamela Prati positive on Covid: Thursday the kiss with Alfonso Signorini

Covid outbreak size is expanding to GF Vip. After the assurances of the last few hours, Pamela Prati announced that she was positive. On Thursday’s episode, when she left, the former contestant kissed and hugged many, including the presenter.

Author: Andrea Parrella

The situation is complicated for Big Brother Vip. After the outbreak of the Covid outbreak, with four competitors testing positive in the last few hours, Pamela Prati also announced that she had tested positive in the last few hours. The former tenant, who left the house in last Thursday’s episode, published a post on Instagram in which she gives updates on her health conditions.

Dear friends,
Yesterday, after learning about positivity from some of my fellow adventurers, I ran into the swab and it came back negative.
Last night I was sick, for sure I repeated and it was positive.
I hope to recover soon because I’m not feeling well and as I’ve never had Covid before, I’m a little scared.
Obviously I won’t be in the studio tomorrow night, but I hope to get well soon and get back to you.
Stay close to me because your love for me is always fundamental.
Your father

Kisses with Bellavia and Signorini

A news that alarms mainly for the contacts that Pamela Prati had in the episode, considering the many hugs and kisses that she gave both Marco Bellavia and Alfonso Signorini himself. Only in the next few hours will we know more about the driver’s condition.

Pamela Prati’s Initial Assurances

After the cases of positivity at the home of GF Vip, Pamela Prati initially reassured her followers about her health conditions. The showgirl had published in her Instagram stories the result of a first cotton swab, which was negative. “I wanted to reassure everyone, I just had a cotton swab and it was negative. I’m sorry for my adventure friends who tested positive, I hope they are well”, wrote the ex-Vippona, thanking everyone who worried about her. 🇧🇷 So in these minutes the update.

Source: Fan Page IT