Sgarbi defends Montesano: “Disqualification for a shirt with the mark of a speedboat is unlikely”

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

According to the undersecretary of Culture, RAI’s decision would have been an unfair decision. “I don’t think Montesano’s contract says, ‘You can’t wear the shirt you want,’” explains Sgarbi. “It is also a maxim of D’Annunzio written in the pre-fascist era”.

Author: Giulia Turco

Dancing with the Stars 2022/2023

In the controversy over the expulsion of Enrico Montesano from Dancing with the stars, Vittorio Sgarbi🇧🇷 According to the undersecretary of Culture, Rai, who punished the contestant for the offensive shirt with the symbol X Mas, is an unfair and unfounded decision.

Because according to Sgarbi, Rai’s decision would be unfair

🇧🇷I think Rai will have to make up for Montesano”, explains Sgarbi when asked by Adnkronos. 🇧🇷You can’t kick a TV show contestant for wearing a shirt with a speedboat brand how to write a D’Annunzio’s maxim of 1918, which therefore has a pre-Fascist root, seems to me unlikely“. The art critic refers to the d’annunziano motto linked to the acronym MAS, or ‘anti-submarine launch’, which became the flagship of the Fascist Navy and which played a central role during the Second World War.

According to Montesano, the shirt had been approved by Rai

After the controversy that led to his disqualification from the program, Montesano justified himself by explaining that the shirt had been worn both during the sessions and during the recording, seen by Rai representatives. 🇧🇷I don’t think Montesano’s contract says ‘You can’t wear the shirt you like'”, continues Sgarbi. 🇧🇷In the face of proof that could have been cut and instead aired, the problem becomes purely legal. You can’t punish a shirt.”

Source: Fan Page IT