Dua Lipa as in the 90s with underwear on view, from colored thong to personalized

In the 1990s, it was fashionable to leave shoelaces and thongs loose under low-waisted dresses. Dua Lipa relaunched the trend.

Author: Giusy Dente

Experimentation: this is the keyword of the style of Dua Lipa, which in fact prefers not to confine itself within pre-defined and immutable limits, when it comes to clothing. Especially in the last few years he has been very daring, defining and redefining himself several times. Already in 2018, in an interview with Refinery29, he explained precisely: “I never really wanted to put myself in a box and say: This is my style and these are my pillars. I like to experiment and play. It’s a bit like music: the sound doesn’t just include the artist’s face. And the artist must wear clothes, not the other way around. Fashion cannot be forced.”

Dua Lipa’s style

Dua Lipa he knows how to follow trends, but he also knows not to carewhen you feel like you want to. Recently, she attended the wedding of a couple of friends wearing a white dress, breaking one of the most “strict” rules of the guest dress code in these cases. The only one in white, by the way, should be the bride! The singer is revolutionary, knows how to dare in a sexy version of a witch and knows how to be glamorous on special occasions. This summer she celebrated her 27th birthday in total white, with maxi wedges and crystal micro tops, showing her fashion soul. Lately, she’s been embracing some of the most popular trends: she’s been infected, for example, by the Barbiecore aesthetic by dressing in fuchsia, but she hasn’t lost the all-out denim trend, popular for months with influencers and celebrities, either. If the Japanese manga print suit was a reference to the the nineties🇧🇷 underwear on view it is another duty from the past that he made his own and which he relaunched.

Two Lipa underwear fans in sight

Dua Lipa is a fan ofintimate in sight, which was very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Teenagers were required to leave the laces of the high-cut thong untucked or to show the thong prominently in the lower back under skirts with a very low waist. Dua Lipa also dared in this direction, proposing two looks with exposed underwear. The first look consists of a striped t-shirt, a very low-waisted miniskirt and fire-red patent leather boots: the sexy detail is a custom thong white, over which the writing “Dua” stands out on the reverse.

Dua Lipa in GCDS
Dua Lipa in GCDS

The second look is instead a fishnet pink dress with glittery details between the shirts, bare back, halter neckline, star-shaped nipple covers with Patrick Star (SpongeBob cartoon character). It’s part of the GCDS Spring/Summer 2023 collection. She paired it with a pair of fingerless gloves and you can see a thong nude pink.

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