“They made fun of a child”: says the mother of the alleged fake son of Prati and Caltagirone

Pamela Prati and the case of Mark Caltagirone

Pending the trial that sees Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo accused, the child’s mother allegedly used to put a face to the non-existent Sebastian, the fake son of ghost entrepreneur Mark Caltagirone who Pamela Prati claimed took care of an orphanage. tells Fanpage.is the truth.

Author: Stefania Rocco

Pamela Prati and the case of Mark Caltagirone

It’s December 2, 2018 when, in the studio of Sunday livein front of Bárbara d’Urso, Pamela Prati she tells for the first time how Marco Caltagirone, the husband-to-be whose face no one has yet seen, changed her life. How that lonely existence was suddenly enriched by the presence of Sebastian and Rebeca, the two children taken in by the couple. 🇧🇷We take care of two kids that we have while on vacation, so I’m a mom too.”, says the showgirl, her voice suddenly broken by tears.

Two months pass and on January 24, 2019, Pamela Prati arrives at Caterina Balivo in the studio of come to me🇧🇷 So the news of him invaded Rai next wedding and the children, again Sebastian and Rebecca, who made her a mother for the first time. The phrases that the showgirl utters in front of the broadcast cameras are the same ones already entrusted to D’Urso: “This love gave me family, it also gave me two children that we have in an orphanage: Sebastian and Rebecca🇧🇷

But it is on March 31, 2019 that Pamela, guest of Mara Venier to Sunday inutters the words that would become the manifesto of her motherhood: “Want to put this beautiful? You travel and say: husband, kids, pack, and run, and take them to school, and mommy does this, and mommy does this, and mommy let’s play. Beautiful🇧🇷

Three years have passed since that moment: the house of cards collapsed, Sebastian and Rebecca never existed. However, there is one child, real this time, who would have lent his face to the fake son of the non-existent Mark Caltagirone. This is claimed by the parents of this little boy they turned to fanpage.it to tell your truth.

When and how did you meet Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo?

In 2013, they came to me to do their hair.

In the complaint she presented, I read that a friendship is born between her and Pamela Perricciolo. When do you become friends? Do you exchange phone numbers?

Also in 2013. We don’t exchange phone numbers, but some jokes on social networks. With both of them, both Eliana and Pamela.

Did Pamela Perricciolo ever tell you about her private life?


And Eliane?

Eliane yes. She tells me that she was married, that she had a husband named Simone who was always away for work and that’s why he was always with Pamela. He told me that he was an anti-mafia juvenile guardianship judge and that they could not have children.

In the complaint that gave rise to the trial that will begin in February, I read that it had been proposed to her as early as 2013 that her son participate in castings. In that case, he would have refused. So what happened?

My son was very young and in 2013 I absolutely didn’t want him to do anything. Then, in 2016, Pamela Perricciolo always contacted me through my Facebook profile. He asked me to try to audition for a Mediaset show. My husband and I decided to talk to our son about it and he was thrilled to do so.

In the message dated December 2016 that I read on his cell phone, they ask for a video. For what reason?

Originally it was supposed to be an audition it was a TV show. My son had to say “Hi, I’m Sebastian. See you in 3”.

How does the TV show become a fiction?

We were told that this TV show would no longer air, but that there was the possibility of making a fiction.

How old was your son?

7 and a half years.

What should be in these videos?

Very simple stuff initially. “Hello”. “How are you”. “Hi mom, hope to see you soon.” The important thing was to have the right tone. Maybe they were filmed several times because they weren’t what Perricciolo wanted.

And how did he want them?

Sometimes he wanted them in a voice a little more tired, a little more husky.

What did he tell her about the plot?

That my son should play the role of a child adopted by a builder and a mother who was traveling on business. (Stop, cry, ed.) I’m like that because I was away for work too. His role was that this child was sick.

When was this photo taken?

One night, we went to eat at the restaurant run by Michelazzo and Perricciolo.

The photo of the child that would have been used to face Sebastian Caltagirone posted by the profile attributed to the fake son of Marco Caltagirone
The photo of the child that would have been used to face Sebastian Caltagirone posted by the profile attributed to the fake son of Marco Caltagirone

Did you meet only Pamela Perricciolo or also Eliana Michelazzo?

Eliana Michelazzo too.

So Eliana Michelazzo saw her son live on that occasion at the restaurant?


I’ve personally seen some videos of your son playing the elusive Sebastian. In some of these videos he addresses a certain Pamela. What was he being asked to say?

Things like “Hi Pami, how are you?”. Sometimes it was “Hi mom, how are you. I’m a little better.” Or “Mom, don’t worry, we’ll all be together soon.”

In April 2019, Barbara d’Urso says she received the video of a child, that Sebastian, son of Mark Caltagirone, who wants her for Big Brother. Do you remember this video?

He was shot by my son. Honestly, among the many messages, I don’t remember that much that I went to see the old videos sent and I couldn’t find it. And then my son revealed to me that some videos needed to be deleted from the history.


The story was always the same, I didn’t need to know because it was a surprise. D’Urso confirmed that the child in question was my son.

In 2019, a snack is organized at a bar in which Sebastian would have participated, along with Pamela Prati, Eliana Michelazzo, Milena Miconi. What does your child tell you about this encounter?

He told me he drove to this bar with Perricciolo. That as soon as he arrived he would have to go to this woman, and have her hug him. According to my son, she seemed pleased to see him.

Who was this woman?

Pamela Prati.

Why would he allow someone outside the family to take his son to a bar for lunch?

Snack came later. He originally told me that my son would have to go to a dress rehearsal. I trusted Pamela, I had known her for several years. She said she loved him. I never thought she could do anything bad to him.

Your attorney said you would have been asked not to post photos and videos of your son on social media to avoid exposing him to fiction. Can you explain me better?

I couldn’t publish photos and videos of my son because it would have exposed him to the media.

When did she realize something was wrong?

When they called him Sebastian on television. My son was tired at that time, she said that the child didn’t feel like it, that she couldn’t waste time if he didn’t like it. He told me that he should have understood for awhile that he (the supposed fake Sebastian, ed.) didn’t have much of that desire.

When you start to have the first suspicions, do you ask Pamela Perricciolo for an explanation?

Yes sure. Through message I ask if my son had something to do with this fake marriage of Pamela Prati. She interrupts the conversation by calling me. He justifies himself by saying “We started this script a lot earlier” and I think that really is the case.

How did he explain to his son what had happened?

The day they confirmed that my son was Sebastian Caltagirone, I went to pick him up at school and he was alarmed, asked me what had happened. I replied that they had made fun of us and he, in this case really with a choked voice, said to me “So, mother, I don’t become an actor?”. Maybe there was anger inside him, it was months, years of resignation.

How did your son react?

He was angrier in class. As a child, he told colleagues that he was going to film this fiction. Once they learned that he would never shoot her again, the other children taunted him, accusing him of being a liar.

What did he feel?

Initially angry. Shit, can you say shit? Because a child was mocked. Promising success, committing your time, the time you had to play. Maybe he was tired and wanted to sleep.

What happens at this point with Pamela Perricciolo?

That relationships fall apart. Pamela contacted me, but she never heard back from me. She told me that I should trust her, that I would never get out of this story again.

In one of the messages I remember that Pamela Perricciolo had asked for her Iban code. For what reason?

That day the phone was not answered because we were in the hospital. He wrote me message after message, saying that the lawyers were calling us because they had to do the first accreditation, an advance of the filmed scenes. Then he asked me for my Iban code to give me a credit of 2500 euros. But what money, that we don’t sign anything?

Did he not accept them?

Absolutely not

Have you ever received money for your child’s participation in this ghost fiction or for the videos they uploaded?

Absolutely not


Never. I swear on the most expensive thing I have.

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