GF, Oriana apologizes to Daniele who loses patience: “Don’t disturb me for your interests”

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

After the November 14 episode of Big Brother Vip, which talked about the triangle between Daniele Dal Moro, Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese, the Spanish influencer tried to apologize to the model. But Dnaiele didn’t want to hear reasons, still angry at being pulled into the dynamic.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Big Brother Vip 2022/2023

Daniele Dal Moro was one of the protagonists of the November 14 episode of Big Brother VIP🇧🇷 Wilma Goich said she was interested in her while Oriana MarzolI was faced with a choice between him and Antonino Spinalbese. However, the Venezuelan influencer preferred the hairstlysit and the model did not like it at all.

Oriana Marzoli tries to apologize to Daniele Dal Moro

After the GF Vip episode, Oriana approached Daniele and tried to apologize, understanding if her behavior could have somehow bothered him. But the interested party did not want to know and reacted quite aggressively:

I will not talk to you anymore. You’re the reality show queen, want me to say more? If a person asks you four days in a row to leave them alone because they don’t want to get into a certain kind of dynamic, and you’re right, then you don’t throw them in the middle for your ass or interests. Now it’s useless for you to apologize, because I think you did it on purpose.

The triangle Oriana, Daniele and Antonino

At the GF Vip’s house, Oriana never hid that she is as interested in Daniele as she is in Antonino. With the latter, in the last week, she’s given herself a kiss in the bedroom. The two were convinced that they would not be seen. But it obviously wasn’t like that. That gesture has “taken the lead” at the hairdresser in the Venezuelan influencer’s heart, while the other roommate seems to have fallen a step behind. And so, during the November 14th episode, Oriana expressed her preference for Antonino, only to apologize to Daniele if her behavior somehow hurt him.

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