Ludovica Bizzaglia’s transformation: goodbye long hair, now she has a long wavy bob

Ludovica Bizzaglia drastically changed her hair look: she cut her long red hair short for the first time and chose a modern and sassy long wavy bob.

Author: Giusy Dente

“Hi, I woke up and decided to cut my hair. It’s the first time this has happened in 26 years, almost 26 and a half years. I also remember that they are twins, twins ascending twins. I predict great things for this 2023 “: like this Ludovica Bizzaglia fans and followers marveled at showing his drastic transformation🇧🇷 She chose a trendy hairstyle for this autumn/winter 2022-23: a timeless bob, but in a longer, wavy version, much appreciated by celebrities.

Ludovica Bizzaglia’s new hair look

Ludovica Bizzaglia gave us a cut and also a clean one! The actress always wore her hair long and hers Red hair it became something of a trademark for her. He had a complex and not always easy relationship with hair. Today they are something that fans and followers greatly appreciate, she herself has learned to look at them as a strength, a unique characteristic. But it was not always so. She has been bullied in the past, due to rumors and stories that identified redheads as unlucky bearers🇧🇷

She told that she only made amends when she started working as an actress. Since its inception, thehair look of the 26-year-old young woman has always been characterized by long hair, alternating straight hairstyles and others characterized by soft waves. But suddenly, like a good Gemini, she wanted to try and turn everything upside down. So she went to her trusted hairdresser and changed her style.

Choose one big ones slightly wavy bob really perky, which enhances the naturally red hair color. The comments on social networks are of great enthusiasm and appreciation: the transformation has been very successful and the actress has received a shower of praise. “I predict great things for this 2023” she wrote she: who knows what else is cooking!

Source: Fan Page IT