Emma Marrone: “I kept my ovarian tissue, I hope to be a mother without needing a man”

The 38-year-old entertainer jokes about his relationship status: “I had one person who got engaged to me.” She then defends the desire of many women to become mothers in Italy with assisted reproduction: “Forced to move abroad to conceive a child alone”.

Edited by Giulia Turco

Unlike the news from the influencer who decided to have the tubes removed so as not to run the risk of becoming pregnant, there are other stories of those who dream of motherhood despite not having a man by their side. Stories of women, different from each other, who share the desire to feel totally free of their bodies, to be able to have free will over their own future.

The desire to be a mother at 40 and alone

He is your spokesperson Emma Brown, which he confides in an in-depth interview with Vanity Fair. 🇧🇷We are not free to manage our bodies and that is violence.🇧🇷 We live in a country where a woman to have a child alone has to go abroad because assisted fertilization is not foreseen”, confides the singer to the pages of Vanity Fair. “You cannot go to your gynecologist and ask for donor sperm because you want a child, even at 40 and you know very well that the love of your life is not going to be found anytime soon”, explains. 🇧🇷How many women lose fertility at age 40 for leukemia and there is no doctor to explain egg preservation to them? And what do they answer you? If God doesn’t want it, then it’s no use“, he adds.

Emma Marrone makes fun of being single

🇧🇷I kept my ovarian tissue”, confesses the 38-year-old artist. She is an advocate and spokesperson for the stories of many women, like herself. “MI rage about these topics because I know many women who had to move abroad to conceive a child on their own. Because here you have to be forced to have a child only with a man”, vents. 🇧🇷In Italy, then, a man studies and can reach a position of power, a woman works twice as hard and is questioned in her first maternity ward. This, I repeat, is violence.“, concludes. Recently Emma ironically vented about her relationship status: “It’s official: There are now 8 billion people on Earth: there was someone who got engaged to me🇧🇷

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