Amici22: the passion between Wax and Claudia flares up again, Little G getting closer to Federica

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

At Amici22’s school, love rarely breaks out. If between Wax and Claudia there is a rapprochement after a moment of distance, between Piccolo G and Federica it remains to be discovered.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

at the school of FriendsIt is no longer rare to see the emergence of sympathy between students who end up spending most of the day together at home and between classes. If a spark ever fell between some of them, as in the case of wax AND claudiaothers, on the other hand, seem more afraid to enter into a deeper knowledge, despite the fact that the attraction is quite evident, as happened with small g AND Federica🇧🇷

Wax and Claudia are close again

The clips aired during the day speak for themselves, it’s hard to misunderstand what was born after two months of proximity between Wax and Claudia. The ballerina and the singer had been close for some time, proving to be quite good together, but due to some of his attitudes, they had moved away, but the distance did not last long, as you can see in the video where you hear Wax say : “If we both want it here like I said, we can go for it, otherwise we continue to sympathize as friends”. The somewhat dumbfounded dancer tells him: “I was living well, without anxieties, I’m wondering if it could work”, after a few moments of silence the two look at each other and then hug and end up kissing again.

Piccolo G and Federica’s Insecurity

By far the most fearsome, however, are Piccolo G and Federica. The two are getting closer and closer and the complicit and playful relationship can take another direction: “Do you prefer all that or kisses?” asks the dancer, “I’m going to have a class,” he says intimidated, and then adds, “I’m in trouble.” Shortly after, the situation seems to be reversed with the singer asking her: “What are you afraid of?” and Federica replies: “We have a good relationship, tell me if it breaks”, he replies maliciously: “no”, as if he left hanging a certainty about what could happen if they deepened their knowledge.

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