Rocco Siffredi: “Academy registration costs 1500 euros. Malena takes 1,000 euros per scene, it’s not much”

Beasts 2022

Rocco Siffredi talks about himself in an interview with Beasts, where he not only reveals the costs of his Academy, but also some very intimate secrets of some well-known characters.

Edited by Ilaria Costabile

Beasts 2022

Guest of the episode beaststhe program presented by Francesca Fagnani at the end of the night on Rai2 it was Rocco Siffredi🇧🇷 The world-famous porn star told the journalist several anecdotes of her life in front of and behind the camera, also revealing some secrets about well-known characters and not just in her world. Also for anyone who wants enter the red light world or simply discover the most hidden forms of pleasure, you can always join his school: “Registration at the Rocco Siffredi Academy costs 1500 euros and everything is included: eating, sleeping, ten girls… […] there the cadets study everything, even BDSM, it lasts eight days in total”. Your heir? Without a doubt porn actress Malena🇧🇷She earns 1000 euros per scene, she deserves more, is the Italian Rocco🇧🇷

sex addiction

There are many rumors about Rocco Siffredi that have been told, just as there are many truths about him that he himself never denied and, in fact, always told when he had the opportunity to do so. The star explained to Francesca Fagnani how for a certain period of his life he was addicted to sex: “I went out, I didn’t find a prostitute, I found a prostitute, all the same. I dated at least 1000 prostitutes in one year. But in reality it had everything, men, women and transsexuals. everything addiction gives you. Yes, it was really all the same. However, from an actor’s point of view, from that point of view, I’m fed up.” An announcement that had already been made in recent years, but which never came to fruition, but now it seems that things have changed: “Now I’ve been off for a few months and I’m doing great. I go to my wife and channel my energies there.”

celebrity requests

Among the confessions that emerged in this interview, in which the work was discussed and not only Siffredi also makes some surprising revelations: “What if it ever happened to me that a VIP man or woman wanted to cheat on their partner with me? Of course it happened and much more often men’s proposals🇧🇷 It means that there is esteem and that is why we laugh”. Among the well-known characters who would have asked the porn actress, there would also be a colleague, or Selen, who, despite having left behind her career as a prostitution actress, in the past would have asked the actor to spend a special night:

There are many who regret this work. What I think? That they are often women and that I am sorry for the way they do it. They repent and deny. They couldn’t say ‘I was’ and now ‘I am different’. What is the problem? I’m talking about Selen who also came out with a book against me, I only remember good things about Selen. He said I was violent and over the top. But don’t you remember that she invited me privately to have a threesome with her and her husband? Was I not violent and exaggerated in this? When things are said, all must be said. My wife didn’t want me to say that.”

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