Gente de Zona released the song Q’Lona to celebrate women –

This premiere of the six winners of the Latin Grammy Award is part of the new Gente de Zona album. q’lonaIt will be announced next April.

The video references the famous saying “inherited is not stolen” and highlights the main character, the appearance of a mother, “her amazing physical quality and strength in everyday life.”

“Physical beauty becomes even more powerful and attractive when perseverance prevails,” say the duo, known for their worldwide success. DanceIn collaboration with Enrique Iglesias and Descemer Bueno.

People of the Zone – Q’lona (official video)

The new video of Gente de Zona, who has become a street rap group and one of the most recognizable duos in urban Genoa, was shot in the city of Miami under the direction of Guillermo Figueedo.

Well-known group that was part of the first song homeland and lifeThe song for the freedom of Cuba closed the year 2022 with the success of the Premios Lo Nuestro held in Miami on Thursday evening. what a madnesswith the young artist Ovi.

Source: Ulti Mahora