Lourdes Leon Ciccone steals the show on the red carpet: at the Mugler exhibition with the see-through jumpsuit

Lourdes Leon Ciccone was among the stars who attended the opening of the retrospective Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, an exhibition dedicated to the visionary designer who died last January. With a daring look and sensual transparencies, Madonna’s daughter paid tribute to the stylist.

Edited by Valeria Paglionico

Last night, New York was lit up by one of the most anticipated events of the year in the fashion world: the opening of the retrospective Thierry Mugler: Couturissime, an exhibition organized at the Brooklyn Museum that honored the visionary designer who passed away last January. There was no lack of famous guests, even though Kylie Jenner and Kylie Jenner have especially caught the attention of the public Lourdes Leon Ciccone🇧🇷 If the first became a real mermaid with a long black dress and a sparkling “foamy” crown, Madonna’s daughter preferred to bet on sensuality with one of the legendary stylist’s iconic jumpsuits: here are all the details of her look.

Lourdes Leon Ciccone honors Thierry Mugler

Lourdes Leon Ciccone’s costume for the New York exhibition could only be a tribute to the genius of Thierry Mugler, the true star of the event. Madonna’s daughter showed that she inherited her mother’s audacity and irreverence, becoming a kind of “Material Girl 2.0”. She’s never been afraid to show off her innate sexiness, but it was last night when she put her best foot forward. In fact, she walked the runway wearing a second-skin black suit by Mugler, to be more precise, the revolutionary and iconic model characterized by “wrapping” transparencies along the entire silhouette. The only areas covered are the neckline and private parts, while the rest of the body has “scratches” in sheer tulle.

Lourdes Leon Ciccone in Mugler
Lourdes Leon Ciccone in Mugler

Madonna’s daughter shows tattoos

To top it off, Lourdes chose black stiletto sandals and a 90s-style necklace with a maxi pendant in the shape of a cross. Loose, extra-straight brunette hair, maxi and total black manicure, marked eyeliner and red lipstick: Madonna’s daughter is among the most provocative stars of the moment. The detail that didn’t go unnoticed? The overalls made visible not only the countless micro tattoos that he spread over his body, but also the hair on his arms. Lola thus gave further proof that she is a rebel: she does not care about commonly accepted stereotypes and defends absolute gender equality.

Lourdes with dark manicure
Lourdes with dark manicure

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