Tommaso Zorzi in the hospital for a delicate operation: “I postponed it for years”

A photo just before entering the operating room, in gown and cap, and an update to his fans once he recovered: “I just wanted to let you know that everything went well and I hope the high of that morphine doesn’t go away, ” he said wryly.

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Tommaso Zorzi shared with his followers his state of health after a delicate intervention that had enveloped him in the last few hours. The influencer explained that he went through a circumcision, which had been recommended to him by a doctor, but which he found himself putting off for several years. Reassuring his followers, Zorzi spoke on Instagram, recounting the operation at the clinic with irony and lightness.

How is Tommaso Zorzi after surgery

On Tuesday, November 16th, the influencer woke up early and brought with her the suitcase she had prepared to spend the night at the clinic. One Photograph just before entering operation roomcomplete with a dress and hat, so the update for his fans once he recovered: “I would like to tell you that everything went well and I would like the effect of this morphine to never wear off.“, he said in a video still groggy from the sedation. He then explained via stories: “In the end, I did it under general anesthesia, but sedated, because it was aoperation a little more complicated than expected🇧🇷 I’ve been putting it off for years and if I had done it ten years ago it would have been so much easier. Anyway, the urologist told me that everything it will work again like before🇧🇷 The good news is I’m supposed to be discharged today and I’m not going to sleep here.”

The gossip about Tommaso Zorzi and a supposed new crush

In recent days, Zorzi has made headlines for reasons of the heart. After the abrupt breakup with dancer Tommaso Stanzani, it seems that the Discovery presenter has tackled a new flirtation. According to some videos that circulated on his social network, the gossip spoke of a new acquaintance of a boy named walter, caught at a dinner in Zorzi’s complicit attitudes. Nothing official at the moment, we’ll see what the developments will be.

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