Anna Tatangelo’s grandfather died: he was the father of Palmira, the singer’s mother

A month after the death of her mother Palmira, Anna Tatangelo said goodbye to her grandfather Domenico Vinci, who died a few weeks after his daughter.

By Stefania Rocco

Another painful mourning for the singer Anna Tatangelo that, a month after the disappearance of the beloved Mother Palmyrasaid goodbye to maternal grandfather Domenico Vinci🇧🇷 Reporting the disappearance of the 90-year-old man was Frosinone Todaybut the news was also confirmed with a post published on Instagram by Silvia, Anna’s sister.

The funeral of Domenico Vinci

the funeral of Domenico Vinci, grandfather of Anna Tatangelo, will take place tomorrow, November 17, at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Divino Amor. Anna’s grandfather, Palmira’s father, died this morning at his home in Sora. For now, Anna has not published any photos on social media, which is understandable. For the singer it is the second painful mourning in the space of about a month.

The death of Palmira, mother of Anna Tatangelo

Palmira, mother of Anna Tatangelo, died at the end of September after a long battle with cancer. He was only 67 years old. “A very strong pain”, is what Anna wrote on social media a few days after the death of her mother, to whom she was deeply attached. Only about her mother, with tears in her eyes, she had spoken in an interview with Verissimo in 2021. “My mother is a tank, she taught me a lot in those two years, a lot”, declared the singer, publicly celebrating her mother’s courage. A few months earlier, in March 2021, he wanted to celebrate his mother’s birthday with a post published on Instagram:

Describing the feelings that a human being can have for their mother is really difficult because every word, every emotion, every thank you never seems to be able to describe something so strong and intense. And here I am… with my eyes full of emotions thinking about you, Mom. You are the strongest person I know, I consider myself lucky to have you with me. You don’t know how fundamental you can be in my life. You teach me everyday to be a better woman and mother, I owe what I am to you. You taught me to be strong, you did it in silence, year after year, without ever asking… without ever complaining, without ever leaning on anyone, with your own strength and with a unique sensitivity. I love you more than life and you don’t know how much I love seeing you with Andrea, because as Nonna you are extraordinary. You fill his heart with love, you protect him from everything and you are always there, ALWAYS.

Congratulations MOM, Happy Birthday!

His daughter

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