Fiorello after the statements against the World Cup: “They sent me a camel’s head from Qatar”

Viva Rai2 is only mentioned in the newspapers, after Fiorello’s statements against the World Cup in Qatar. This morning, the maestro jokes: “I received a camel’s head”. Then he specifies: “Rai called me, here’s what he told me”.

Edited by Gennaro Marco Duello

Waiting Viva Rai2 It already speaks for itself, thanks to Fiorello who, as always, manages to find the best way to occupy the space given to him. After causing an uproar in the media for his statements about Rai, which broadcasts the World Cup in Qatar, Fiorello opened today’s episode with a clarification, but also making other jokes in his own way: “I received a package from Qatar.” He then commented introducing his press office: “Here are the press offices and when there are press offices things are not going well, it means that I said inappropriate things, I said too much”. Then he opens a fake threat packet from Qatar: “They sent me a camel’s head!” A diplomatic incident – ​​if you can call it that – with Viale Mazzini, which in fact has already been resolved, with maximum yield: everyone is talking about Viva Rai2.

Fiorello’s clarification

Fiorello, however, made a clarification during the press conference. Upon reading the news about his statements published by several newspapers, which include him on the list of celebrities who demonstrated against the World Cup in Qatar, from Dua Lipa to Rod Stewart, Fiorello says that yesterday he received many phone calls from Rai Executives: “All the Rai executives called me and said, ‘Look, to be honest, Rai told me that the rights were bought before Italy didn’t qualify. Unfortunately, Rai found himself behind this thing, but Rai is not forgiving’🇧🇷 And he jokes: “They foreclosed on Biggio’s house”

Fiorello’s explosion at the World Cup in Qatar

In the episode of Esperando Viva Rai2 on November 14, Rosario Fiorello had vented about the World Cup in Qatar, which caused the stoppage of the football championships: “We blocked our championship, the most beautiful in the world, to make room for the World Cup in Qatar. In Qatar, a country that is not really a traditionally football country. When did you play football? Petroleum?” And then he spoke about the local issue: “They wrote ‘Human Rights’ on the doormat. And they trample on them every day. Did you hear what they said about homosexuals? All fans and insiders, the football teams, will be closed in a Fan Zone, in a restricted space , and if they leave there they will be arrested. And we closed the championship for all this? And Rai spent 200 million to get the rights to these World Cups. Got it?”. Pier Silvio Berlusconi also had attacked Rai’s choice to spend 200 million on World Cup matches without Italy, but the utility company specified that the rights had already been acquired before the elimination of our national football team.

Source: Fan Page IT