Madonna ignites social media in lace bodysuits and assaults: Posing in lingerie covered in flames

Madonna is once again teasing her followers, literally setting social media on fire. She posed in lacy lingerie, adding an original fiery filter to the Stories.

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Madonna she’s been wilder than ever for some time now, so much so that one could say she’s living her “second youth”. Always a rebellious icon and queen of transformation, at 64 she has rediscovered her most provocative side and does not hesitate to show it off on social media, where she often poses in a super sensual version between pink combinations, vibrators hanging around her neck and sinuous silk bathrobes. She recently did it again: she allowed herself to be immortalized in total black lingerie, literally setting social networks on fire with an original flame filter.

Because Madonna posed in the flames

We had left her naked wearing only an original designer bag covered with duct tape, today we find Madonna once again in a super sensual version on social media. She was inspired by her hit burn 1983 and allowed herself to be immortalized covered in lingerie in flames. Of course, she didn’t do anything dangerous, just used a “fiery” Instagram filter, but that was enough to get the mood pretty hot, especially as she highlighted her breathtaking physique with a set of bondage soul lingerie .

Madonna in lace leotard
Madonna in lace leotard

Madonna’s lingerie pictures

In the smoldering stories, Madonna opted for all-black lingerie with a provocative lace bodice, corsetry-style buttoning and balconette cups with bold sheers. To complete it, she chose a pair of matching sandals and matching pumps with dizzying stiletto heels. There was no shortage of precious jewels: around the pop star’s neck, numerous sparkling diamond chain necklaces, combined with maxi hoop earrings. Wavy hair, red lipstick on her full mouth and hyper-sensual expression: who knew Madonna was past 60?

Madonna wears the diamond necklaces
Madonna wears the diamond necklaces

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