The Joys of Sex After 50: How to Get Rid of Taboos

It’s never too late to live a happy and rewarding sexuality. Sexologist Maria Claudia Biscione explains how to get rid of taboos and censorship to experience sex without taboos at any age.

Interview with Dr. Maria Claudia Biscione
sexologist and psychotherapist

By Francesca Parlato

Emma Thompson in a scene from the movie “The Pleasure is All Mine”

“The pleasure is all mine”, the Italian title says it all about Sophie Hyde’s new film with Emma Thompson. In the film, released today in theaters, the protagonist, a widow for three years and sexually dissatisfied, decides to try to satisfy all her desires (including having an orgasm) with a sex worker. The film is an ode to sex positivity and reminds us that it’s never too late to build a happy sex life. 🇧🇷Contrary to what many men and especially many women believe, there is always time to try and experience sex in a rewarding and satisfying way. Let’s break free from the age taboo” the sexologist Maria Claudia Biscione explained to

Old age makes you freer (even in sex)

Love has no age and therefore neither does sex. 🇧🇷Growing up should bring with it not only the frustration of getting old, but above all the privilege of being able to have things that you have been deprived of or for which you censor yourself”. Adulthood thus becomes an unmissable moment to get back in the game even in sexual and affective life. 🇧🇷We can, indeed we must, allow ourselves a healthier and more complete focus on ourselves to achieve goals we have ignored or abandoned in the past. The sooner we can make that leap, the sooner our quality of life will improve. We must learn to say no and expose ourselves more, to express our desires without taboos”.

The menopause factor

The menopause factor can certainly affect women’s sex lives, but we shouldn’t worry about it. 🇧🇷It can be an element of inhibition or deceleration – explains the sexologist – But if before menopause meant the end of sex life, today we know that it didn’t. This does not mean that there are no problems linked to this particular moment, but even then talking about it turns out to be the best solution”. Today it is easier to ask for help, discuss with colleagues or with the gynecologist “For every ‘symptom’ there are solutions that make life easier for women. Vaginal dryness will be counteracted with lubricants, if we suffer from hot flashes at night we can let our partner know and postpone sexual intercourse for other times of the day. Admit to yourself that It is a somewhat complicated period, it really serves to give peace of mind and understand that it is nothing more than a moment of transition”.

It’s never too late for happy sexuality

We don’t want to make it easy, getting rid of taboos, self-censorship and inhibitions can be complex, but we can try to lighten the load little by little. 🇧🇷If we have a partner, we try to establish virtuous communication with him. Let’s abandon the unsaid, talk more, focus on what we want and look for partners who know how to meet our needs with respect” suggests Biscione. The age factor will thus cease to be a burden. 🇧🇷We explore sexuality, we give space to our fantasies: it is no coincidence that sex toys are used much more by mature men and women than by young people. Let’s accept this impulse that we have, let’s take courage, put ourselves in the center and try to make room for what seemed transgressive in other moments of our lives. Let’s remember that it’s never too late to have a happy sexuality.”

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