Vittoria Deganello on single pregnancy: “Child wanted, then I was asked to have an abortion”

Vittoria Deganello told exactly what happened to the father of the daughter she carries, Alessandro Murgia, according to rumors that circulated and were never denied. “The child was wanted, then he changed his mind and asked me to have an abortion. Absolute superficiality”.

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Victoria Deganello she will soon be a mother but she won’t be by your side Alexander Murgiathe alleged father of the child she is carrying has never been officially confirmed by those directly involved, having been a relationship born while he was already engaged Eleonora Mazzariniwith whom he had his second child. The Men & Women ex pierced the reveal balloon by herself, “I didn’t want to go through the pregnancy alone” he said a month ago. Today he decided to clarify: “I don’t want to be around that person anymore” referring to the Spal player.

Vittoria Deganello clarifies the absence of Alessandro Murgia

Vittoria Deganello this morning decided to clarify the pregnancy that she is facing alone. “To avoid comments based on nothing, I will now tell what is missing from the story to close the chapter” he wrote in the stories before explaining how things went with the father of the child she is carrying: without naming names, she always referred to Alessandro Murgia.

This little girl was wanted more than anything and it didn’t happen by chance. With the news of the pregnancy, after a month of happiness and having communicated it with great joy to my family, during the night I was asked to have an abortion because he realized that he no longer wanted a baby and that it would be easier. 🇧🇷 All with an absolute superficiality.

The ex of Men and Women reiterated that together they decided to build a future together, but “I was naive to trust a person I still don’t know who he is”🇧🇷

You know the rest, now you can understand why this creature will grow up with all my love, it’s the most beautiful thing that could happen to me.

She asked not to be approached by the football player anymore, “It doesn’t belong to me. Now I focus on me, on her, and I hope you all do.”

Pregnancy started in July

Vittoria Deganello in October communicated to fans that she was pregnant. The pregnancy, which began in July, she undertook alone: “You are a resource, you are heaven, you are the world. You and me” he wrote in support of the first ultrasound video shared with fans, never mentioning his father. Last summer, Mattia Marciano’s ex made the world of gossip talk about the story with Alessandro Murgia, never publicly revealed. He was already engaged to Eleonora Mazzarini, the mother of his children, who asked for maximum secrecy and respect from fans passionate about history. Today it looks like Murgia is single.

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