Banksy claims seven works: “Ukraine will stay strong and win!”

With a video shared on social media, Banksy claimed a series of works created in Ukraine in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Edited by Clara Salzano

The new work claimed by Banksy in Ukraine

🇧🇷Ukraine is my home“, with these words, the street artist Banksy claimed a series of works created in various Ukrainian cities, which had already made headlines in recent days. The post on his Instagram profile is a video that brings together all of Banksy’s works in the Ukraine and closes with The sentence “In solidarity with the Ukrainian people🇧🇷

New Banksy mural in Ukraine
New Banksy mural in Ukraine

Banksy works in Ukraine

For a few days there was news of Banksy’s presence in Ukraine. Initially, it was the curators of the A&M Art Curation Lab who revealed the presence of some of the street artist’s works in the war zone, even if they had not been claimed. One of the works depicts Vladimir Putin being knocked out by a judoka; the other shows two children playing on a Frisian horse.

Banksy's work against Vladimir Putin
Banksy’s work against Vladimir Putin

Later, Banksy himself published some images in his profile that showed two works made in Ukraine that represented two gymnasts determined to dance on the rubble. The video recently shared by the famous street artist, originally from Bristol, reveals that he also created other works on the Ukrainian war front.

Banksy gymnast in the rubble
Banksy gymnast in the rubble

the new works

The video posted by Banksy on Instagram reveals his other works in Ukraine, such as an elderly woman wearing a gas mask and holding a fire extinguisher or an elderly man taking a shower on the wall of a building destroyed by war. The dramatic images of the rubble and the works of the street artist are accompanied by a local folk song performed by two street musicians and some testimonies from passers-by.

Banksy's last job in Ukraine
Banksy’s last job in Ukraine

Among the works claimed by Banksy is also an amusing picture of a penis drawn in chalk in place of the service missile in the graffiti of a military vehicle of the Moscow invasion forces.

Banksy's ironic work against Russia
Banksy’s ironic work against Russia

The claim video

The video, filmed in November 2022 and shared on social media by the street artist, is also accompanied by the following words: “I cry when I see young widows, I see entire villages destroyed by Russians – writes Banksy – we also have tears of happiness, when we see how unemployed people of Kherson and other cities are facing our armed forces. We must live and work for these moments🇧🇷

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