Federico Fashion Style and the dramatic video in tears: “I’m sick, I just want my daughter’s love”

Federico Lauri, known as Federico Fashion Style, published a series of Instagram Stories where he expressed all his suffering for the falsehoods that circulate about him. The man misses his daughter very much.

Edited by Daniela Seclì

Federico Lauriknown as Federico Fashion Style, turned to Instagram to put an end to the lies that would have been told about him. The man, in a series of Stories published on his profile, began to cry and returned the accusations of having a parallel life to the sender. In addition, he explained that he was very ill because his ex-partner Letizia Porcu would limit his relationship with his daughter.

Federico Lauri reveals: “The story with Letizia Porcu ended 3 years ago”

Federico Lauri explained that the relationship with Letizia Porcu ended three years ago. According to him, they would have decided to continue living under the same roof just for the love of their daughter. In tears, the hairdresser recalled the day he told Letizia that he didn’t love her anymore:

I went to her with my heart in my hand. I don’t want to cry, but it hurts. I told her: “Look, I will always love you anyway, I will always carry you in my heart, because for me you are a special person, but I can give you a close family”. I’m always away on work, I had decided it was right for her to take charge of her life, because it was hard for me to think about being away from her, thinking about a life without her. I never left the house permanently. But the love is gone. There was only one big good.

tears for the daughter

Federico Fashion Style explained why he suffers so much. His tears are not due to the end of the relationship with Letizia Porcu, but to the fact that – according to him – the woman has established specific times when she can hear from her daughter: “Every day I have to wait until 9 pm to hear from my daughter. You know very well that you are the thing I love most in my life. The mother decided, with no rules dictated by anyone, that I can hear my daughter at 07:30 in the morning and at 09:00 at night. I’m sick. My hands are shaking“. And he concluded by denying having a parallel life:

I see articles about my lies and my parallel life, but what a fucking parallel life, what a fucking lie. Where are the lies. She knows the truth. She agreed to stay at home, she knew our love was over. I never had a parallel life. I ask you to kindly respect people’s pain. She hurts me, because she has a son and I’m away on work, if I wasn’t away on work, my daughter would always and only be with me. When I have to leave, my daughter puts glue on the drawings and tells me, “Dad, I wish you would stick with me forever.” You have no idea what I’m going through, because of Signora Letizia. If there is a God, there will be justice. I just want my daughter’s love. No one can afford to say that I must call you at 7:30 or 9:00 at night.

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