Wilma Goich reveals what happened in the quarantine: “Charlie and Patrizia were screaming, Attilio was complaining”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

At Big Brother VIP, the contestants who returned from isolation told how they spent their days in quarantine.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The competitors of Big Brother VIP who are cured of Covid, they were able to return home. Some of them told how the quarantine days were. In particular, they talked about it Patricia Rossetti AND Wilma Goich🇧🇷 In the statements, collected by Biccy.it, also the explanation of the phrase that Rossetti said live: “The battery is dead🇧🇷

How did you follow the quarantine episode

According to reports from Biccy.it, Patrizia Rossetti would have told how they managed to follow the episode of Big Brother Vip from isolation and explained the already known phrase: “Damn, the battery ran out“. The competitor would have explained:

We had headphones and for the Monday episode also double charge. From the cell phone I could see everything, even the studio. We really saw the whole episode, not like you. We spoke remotely with Wilma at the hotel and she told me that she is a friend of Daniele. Now change the version here and talk about platonic love. From the studio they pretended it was a love story and we said it was a friendship. Now change your mind. She didn’t talk to me like that when we were in quarantine.

The Story of Wilma Goich

Wilma Goich said that during the quarantine, food was brought to them in some containers. According to him, Patrizia Rossetti would have been the noisiest tenant in the hotel: “You have no idea, the whole time we were closed she was mumbling, from the window, from the stairs, screaming. We feel that way. In the first days there was no one there, just the guardian who warned us: 🇧🇷You can’t go out and meet.” Then she was yelling from the stairs that were a long way from my room, but I could hear the echo. I was on the ground floor.“. And concluded: “Then you also heard Charlie screaming back, Attilio moaning🇧🇷

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