Valentina Ferragni nude effect: defy censorship with hearts on nipples

For Friday night, Valentina Ferragni chose a glamorous total black look, embellished with sparkling microcrystals.

Author: Giusy Dente

The new year is a month away and who knows what it has in store for Valentina Ferragni🇧🇷 In 2022 there was no shortage of surprises for the influencer: she became the aunt of little Edoardo (son of Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti born in June), saw her jewelry brand grow even more, opened new offices in Milan. From a sentimental point of view, the 29-year-old announced the end of her relationship with Luca Vezil, an important change since they spent almost 10 years together. So now she is struggling with her single lifemade up of new work projects and lots of time to dedicate to family and friends.

The most beautiful looks of Valentina Ferragni

Valentina Ferragni shares her passion for fashion with her sister Chiara. In addition to participating in fashion shows and industry events, she is always aware of all trends. In addition, she has also successfully launched herself in the entrepreneurial world, launching a brand that bears her name: colorful jewels with modern design, which have been gaining more and more success among the public. The influencer’s style is feminine🇧🇷 Her favorite color is red, the one that most resembles her and which she uses very often. He alternates with monochromatic looks (highlight the total white and total black), but delicate pastel tones are not lacking in the palette. The most recurring detail is that sparkling wine: loves crystals, glitter, appliqués that give a touch of precious light to everything, for example sequins. Her wardrobe is full of sparkling dresses, shoes like a true princess worthy of a fairy tale, luxurious handbags perfect for shining.

Valentina Ferragni with the glowing body

Valentina Ferragni spent Friday night sporting yet another glamorous look🇧🇷 He focused on the timeless total blackfrom head to toe, but with bright details, perfect to shine and not go unnoticed. The influencer chose a bold look body with maxi neckline: leaves the shoulders completely bare, has a lace-up detail on the front and is covered with microcrystals. She paired it with a pair of belted high-waisted pants and stylish pumps, with a tonal bag. When sharing the photo on Instagram, he could not resort to the maneuver of nipple emoticons (two little white hearts) as well as her sister Chiara and other celebrities. Blame the social network’s restrictive policy, which hardly tolerates the exposure of female nipplesunder penalty of censorship.

Source: Fan Page IT