Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goich gossip about Micol: “That str *** a, everyone gets what they deserve”

Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goich speak ill of Micol Incorvaia. The two gieffines seem to harbor a certain hatred for the young competitor, also for reasons of jealousy.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

In the home of Big Brother VIP there is no lack of fights, misunderstandings, but above all rapid dislikes that at any moment take over the competitors. It is the case of Patricia Rossetti AND Wilma Goich of which they speak very badly Micol Incorvaia, apostrophizing it badly. The two seem animated by a deep jealousy, as “Nonnì” is in love with Daniele Dal Moro and his faithful companion would not disdain the company of Eduardo Tavassiboth very close friends of Clizia’s sister.

Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goich’s attack on Micol Incorvaia

The conversation is consumed in the kitchen, where a very nervous Wilma Goich is engaged in washing the dishes and is accompanied by Patrizia Rossetti, with whom she starts talking: “You know everything beforehand, that bitch🇧🇷 the singer blurts out, the gieffina asks🇧🇷The blonde?🇧🇷 Edoardo Vianello’s ex-wife nods and adds: “But you have to talk to Sara, because she says oh I keep having the same ideaWe need to help her move for a moment.” The subject of the question and answer is, precisely, Micol Incorvaia, already mentioned the night before by the two who commented, judging that they had not heard about the time Micol spent preparing himself, and also producing a certain annoyance in the gieffina that he confided in Jael he said: “I was sincerely hurt, do you know how many said after me?”. Rossetti, talking with Wilma, therefore welcomes an answer given yesterday to the girl saying: “Last night it went very well, because here comes these things for me, but if someone talks nonsense I can’t“. The friend supports her by saying: 🇧🇷Everyone gets what they deserve🇧🇷

It seems, however, that the main reason for the hatred that both have for the young competitor derives, in fact, from the bond she established with Edoardo Tavassi, for whom Patrizia has sympathy, and with Daniele Dal Moro, with whom Wilma is in love. Therefore, the two continuing to argue, Patrizia says: “Micol is pissed off today, I don’t understand why” and Wilma: “This shows that he had the answer of spades” and the telesaleswoman continues: “But I don’t think he had anything, in the sense that he doesn’t take it lightly.” In short, the situation appears to be more complicated than expected.

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