Ludovica Nasti on leukemia: “At 18 I’ll know I won, but I was never afraid”


It was only 5 years ago that Ludovica Nasti, now a brilliant movie star, started fighting leukemia. “Thanks to my family, I lived with strength and determination”, he tells Verissimo. “At 18 I will be able to stop the controls, I will know that it really is a won battle”.

Author: Giulia Turco

Ludovica Nasti is a guest at very true on the Saturday, November 26 episode. At the age of 16, the promising actress from Pozzuoli already has a brilliant career, that of the role of Lila in The Shining Friend, the TV series that made her famous. Then Mina Settembre, and the return of Romulus. What is most surprising about her is the incredible maturity in the freshness of her 16 years, marked by yet another battle won, the one against leukemia.

Ludovica Nasti in tears returns to talk about leukemia

It was only at the age of 5 that he began his first hospitalizations to overcome the disease. He lived those moments, today very lucid memories, with strength and determination, trying never to lose his smile, as Silvia Toffanin tells. 🇧🇷I remember the first month in the hospital, my mother was my pillar and my family”explains. 🇧🇷Thanks to them I was never afraid🇧🇷 My mother always made me live as in Benigni’s Life is Beautiful🇧🇷 We had a motto about hair: that it would grow back stronger and more beautiful. We used to think of blood transfusions as Coke.”🇧🇷 Today is a battle won: “I just have to wait until I’m 18 to know I’ve completely beaten her, so I won’t have to go through any more checks.”

He’s going to study acting in New York

She always dreamed of being a soccer player, especially after her illness, because the sport was an outlet for her anger. Then her life took an unexpected turn and, very young, she was catapulted into the world of film. Today he is one of the most promising stars. Not just in Italy, his horizons are also broadening on the international stage and he will soon be heading to New York to study at Strasberg’s acting school. 🇧🇷They offered me a scholarship”, he told the weekly People. 🇧🇷After the illness I understood that life is a precious gift and that one should never give up”.

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