Morgan enraged by Ilaria D’Amico serving him, protest message to Rai

Marco Castoldi had already protested live, objecting to Ilaria D’Amico “A bad report about a person you don’t respect”. In the last few hours, Morgan would also have made himself heard with the executives of Rai, Fanpage. he learns of a caustic message sent to director Stefano Coletta.

By Andrea Parrella

It was understood live that a morgan did not like the service dedicated to him in the Rai2 program “What’s new”, conducted by Ilaria D’Amico and shown last Thursday. A trap, as the artist had defined it, contesting the content of the presentation sheet directly to the presenter in which he retraced the recent vicissitudes and his connection with Vittorio Sgarbi, which in recent months has led him to be close to the descent into politics several times.

“A disservice to a person you don’t respect, because if you have to tell a character like that, you don’t respect him”had said the singer and songwriter, showing all his opposition to setting the content of the presentation, and later complaining about a treatment of this type that would last for some time: “You have no idea what it’s like to be upset for 15 years”🇧🇷 The interview continued following Morgan’s judgment on the facts and representatives of politics, not without this having contributed to a positive effect on audiences, which rose to a 3.3% share, growing significantly compared to the results of recent weeks.

A message to director Stefano Coletta

But Morgan’s disappointment was not limited to what was expressed in the studio. learns of a Whatsapp audio that Marco Castoldi sent directly to Stefano Coletta, former director of Rai1 and current head of the Entertainment genre (of which Che c’è di nuovo is not part, being responsible for the In-depth genre ), openly protesting the treatment reserved for him. A service that would describe you as the person who is not so reliable. In the message, Morgan contests the television mechanism that seeks his wrath to listen, omitting his artistic merits. Saying he is disappointed, he therefore asks for respect for his intelligence and talent.

A role for Morgan on TV

Morgan’s name remains at the center of a debate that sees him approached for a possible role on TV, if not on Rai, precisely with regard to his proximity, through friendship (and the famous chat) with Sgarbi, to the new executive led by Giorgia Meloni. Just a few weeks ago, Sgarbi, appointed undersecretary for Culture, spoke of him as the “new Carmelo Bene”, stating that Minister Sangiuliano “He is absolutely convinced that he gives Morgan a useful role, especially where young people are concerned.” Then continue like this: “Television is the continuation of the ministry of culture, not for any other reason is television made like a painting, but you never see a painting from the inside, you never hear the music. Morgan could somehow prolong the pedagogical effect of knowledge on television what culture should represent, television should become an arm of culture, it should not become an employee, it should work for beauty”.

Source: Fan Page IT