Milly Carlucci starts Dancing with the Stars talking about facts about Ischia: “Caring for the residents”

The presenter opens the November 25 episode by expressing solidarity with the inhabitants of Ischia affected by the landslide in the last few hours: “we hope that everything goes for the best”.

By Andrea Parrella

It opened with a message from Milly Carlucci for the people of Ischia who have been victims of the landslide that in recent hours has devastated some areas of the island, the November 25 episode of Dancing with the Stars🇧🇷 The presenter, who went live shortly after the end of an extraordinary edition of Tg1 that documented the latest updates from Ischia, opened the broadcast as follows:

We cannot forget that this is a special night, we want to show solidarity, affection and closeness to all the inhabitants of Ischia. It won’t be an easy night, we know that, we hope everything works out for the best.

Bobo TV canceled due to the events of Ischia

Dancing with the Stars started later than usual, due to the World Cup match in Qatar between Argentina and Mexico, which ended at 10 pm leaving space for the transmission presented by Carlucci. Rai, precisely as a sign of respect for the populations affected by the landslide and its effects, decided to cancel the daily episode of Bobo TV, a buffer space of a few minutes that should have been broadcast precisely at 22:00 and which, for reasons of opportunity, was canceled to make room for the short Tg1 special edition. No changes, however, to the broadcast of Dancing with the Stars, which did not undergo any programming changes, despite the news that arrived from Campania during the day.

The latest updates on Ischia

Meanwhile, searches continue on Ischia, where weather conditions are not improving and there is still chaos. At the moment, the Ministry of the Interior’s balance sheet updated at 7:00 pm confirms the death of a woman, 11 missing and 3 injured (one of which in code red), 200 evacuees and about 130 displaced. Rescued a family with a newborn.

Source: Fan Page IT