Selvaggia Lucarelli: “The jury votes with sympathy”, Zazzaroni: “I have no contact with the competitors”


A Dancing with the Stars Q&A from the judges. Lucarelli accuses his colleagues of being conditioned by sympathy, Zazzaroni does not agree and disputes his colleague, clearly alluding to the fact that his companion was one of the competitors.

By Andrea Parrella

the jury of dancing with the stars it has never been a protagonist like in this edition. The team he supports has remained unchanged for years. Milly Carlucci keeps activating mechanisms, lighting fuses, generating discussions. A fire broke out during the first semifinal, on November 25, when Wild Lucarelli intervened after colleagues praised the couple formed by Ema Stockholma and Angelo Madoniaamong the most beloved of this edition.

Selvaggia Lucarelli to colleagues: “You are conditioned”

Network of sympathy, Lucarelli did not agree with the opinion of his colleagues, contesting the fact that they were conditioned in their judgment precisely by an excessive sympathy for the two:

All this I feel fabulous supercazzole, now the defects become merits. A soft thing becomes a personal thing, there’s all this tape to never say that a dance didn’t work out. I love you a lot, I like you a lot, I root for you in life, for me the Emangelo couple was born, better than Ferragnez, but honestly, that step was unattainable. I think if any of the contestants least loved by the jury had done this, they would have gotten 1. Honestly, I’m a little tired of adjustments based on likes in the semifinals.

Words I didn’t particularly like Ivan Zazzaroni: “Are you saying that we like each other?”, he asked her and Lucarelli promptly reiterated: “Yes, that’s right. But I like Ema too, but that doesn’t affect my vote. Angelo has always been very good at camouflaging himself, hiding Ema’s flaws. Tonight he slipped a little.”

Zazzaroni’s response to Lucarelli

Zazzaroni initially dropped the issue, before reviving it in the subsequent trial: “A premise, because as a sympathy vote, as Selvaggia said, I have no contact with any competitor during the week, at most a greeting at 7 pm. The only person I knew before was Zanicchi, I keep sympathy for other thingsThe journalist’s reference is naturally to the presence in the race of Lorenzo Biagiarelli, Lucarelli’s teammate eliminated last week, but also to what happened a few weeks ago, when Lucarelli publicly said he heard Dario Cassini on the phone shortly before the episode. There was no response to Zazzaroni’s words from Lucarelli, who during the week in turn had a remote response by the press and social networks with Carolyn Smith, with whom there does not seem to be any feuds.

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