Alex Di Giorgio: “The man I loved made me come out, that betrayal made me sink”

Alex Di Giorgio: “The man I loved made me come out, that betrayal made me sink”

The Dancing with the Stars swimmer faces one of the darkest moments of his life, that of venturing into the world of sport. “They made jokes when I was in costume. A trusted person once said, ‘Here comes the idiot. I felt like I was dying, I didn’t leave the room for three days.”

Author: Giulia Turco

Alex DiGiorgio won first place in the classification at the end of the second semifinal of dancing with the stars🇧🇷 The first male competitor to dance with a gay dancer, the swimmer demonstrated good skills and, above all, excellent interpretive skills. The last performance in particular excited the jury, which awarded it first place in the classification.

The Darkest Moment in the Life of Alex Di Giorgio

Ivan Zazzaroni, Carolyn Smith and Guillermo Mariotto scored 10 in rowing, the competitor who, together with Moreno Porcu, thrilled on the Ballando con per stelle track. In the presentation clip, Alex approached the subject of one of the darkest moments of his life, the one in which he found himself having to face thetour in the world of sport🇧🇷 “The entertainment environment is different from sports, here it is more accepted“, he explained. “One day I pick up the phone and find 50 messages from my friends. There were pictures of me cuddling with another guy. I felt sinking, betrayed. I was unmasked by the person I loved🇧🇷 It put me in the position of having to justify myself as if I had lied to everyone around me.”

Bullying and homophobia in sport

The episode dates back to around 2011, when the topic was certainly less widespread on the social level. For Di Giorgio it was a blow to the heart, not only for his personal life, but also for his sporting career. An environment still reluctant to release such news in those years. 🇧🇷I reacted by hiding a little, but demonstrating in competition that what I was had nothing to do with what I could do in the water“, he said. “They used to make jokes when I was in costume and I was getting in the shower with some guys. There were episodes that hurt me a lot.”explained. “I opened up to a few people, one of them at the sports center once said ‘Here comes the idiot. I felt like dyingI stayed three days without leaving the room”.

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