Rosalía has announced a unique update via TikTok –

The artist, who plans to make this song a large-scale show, which will have a visual aspect and a “unique environment”, confirms his representatives with a note.

Fourteen songs were conceived and produced by Rosalía, directed by Stiluz, and recorded entirely on mobile phones.

Fans can follow “Rosalía TikTok LIVE” on the artist’s official channel and use the hashtag #ROSALIAMOTOMAMI to join the conversation.

ROSALÍA – SAOKO (official video)

Rosalía is the most followed Spanish singer in 2021 and one of the most followed artists on this platform, where she has the most followers.

It is one of the biggest international numbers in TikTok history. TKN 2019, collaboration with Travis Scott (2.2 million video productions), pretty from last year, a “dembow” duet with Dominican recording artist Tokischa (over 1.7 million video creations across multiple soundtracks) and the award-winning and hypnotic “With Height” (224k creations).

Rosalia has already shared three songs from the album, which will be released on March 18. saokofamilyWith The Weeknd and finally “Teriyaki Chicken”.

Source: Ulti Mahora