Who is Isobel Kinnear, the Amici 2022 dancer who hails from Australia

Isobel Kinnear is an Amici dancer 22. She is 19 years old and originally from Australia. She joined the school in November and her career is followed by teacher Alessandra Celentano.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

isobel kinnear is a new dancer from friends 22🇧🇷 She is 19 years old and originally from Australia. At school, which she entered a few weeks ago thanks to a challenge, she is accompanied by teacher Alessandra Celentano. Since participating in the talent show, he has received much praise from teachers and external judges, so much so that her name is often at the top of the school ranking.

Who is Isobel Kinnear, the new student of Amici 2022

Isobel Kinnear was born in 2003 and is originally from Australia. She approached dancing from an early age and in fact started dancing when she was just 3 years old. She joined the Dream Dance Company before joining the Amici 22 school. In 2018, she also won the “Australia dancer of the year” award. On her Instagram profile (IG @isobel_kinnear), where she has more than 50,000 followers, he shares photos of his profession and also of his free time. At Maria De Filippi’s school, she is accompanied by teacher Alessandra Celentano and has just started her career. There is no information about her love life, so it is not known if she is engaged or single, even if many have noticed a certain complicity between her and the dancer Gianmarco.

Isobel Kinnear, dancer from Amici 22

Isobel’s journey at Amici’s school

Isobel entered Amici 22 in late November after winning a dance challenge against Claudia. Several teachers noticed her talent, so much so that both Emanuel Lo and Alessandra Celentano expressed their intention to work with her. The ballerina chose to be accompanied by this one and her journey runs as smoothly as possible, also among the assessments of several external judges. Isobel also won the chance to perform in a video that will be broadcast on all World Of Dance channels.

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