The Iranian Melika Najafizadeh defies all norms: she is a model and designer

Melika Najafizadeh, a 23-year-old girl born and raised in Iran, passionate about fashion since she was little, attracted by the travels that opened her to the West and its culture,

From the beginning, she has been involved in social networking through various accounts on instagram, tiktok and facebook. Because she always loved clothes, gastronomy, expressing herself and style by making herself known in this way.

He always loved to communicate with others and meet new people. He also often wanted to share his opinion and taste, especially in fashion. Similarly, at the end of 2017, he decided to create his L’AKILEM brand and reflect his personality and his experiences through this brand and social networks.

All this to think that the public is the one who creates value and drives it forward.

I study business administration at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid.

She then realized that she wanted to focus on the fashion industry and this brought her to Italy.

Her taste in fashion is more connected to Italian designers. I first lived in Florence and studied fashion design and then in Milan, focusing more on the business and industrial side of fashion. Milan gave him many opportunities, more than other places I consider it the capital of fashion.

Fashion is ‘a second skin’ for her.

It is the reflection of personality and essence. The language of expression Express who you are under that second skin. As a reference, she likes Chanel because she likes Coco Chanel’s personality and how she knew how to keep her essence. He also admires the work of Valentino and Prada for the strong woman behind the brand.

She has over 900,000 followers on Instagram, which she knows is a great platform to make herself known as a designer.

Source: El heraldo