Secret Codes and National Mourning: Here’s What Happened When Queen Elizabeth Died –

Queen Elizabeth of England turns 96 in April and has been on the throne for 70 years. But although it continues to work after a corona infection, Queen not immortal. When he dies, a plan is already in place. What happens if Elizabeth dies?

This plan is called Operation London Bridge, named after the famous bridge over the Thames in London. If Elizabeth dies, it will be reported to the team involved in the implementation of this plan with the message ”.London Bridge collapsed† The death plan of Elizabeth’s father, George VI, is called Hyde Park Corner (after the famous park) and the funeral plan for Prince Charles is called Operation Menai Bridge.

The first steps of the plan were put on paper in the 1960s and have been continuously updated ever since. This includes the British police, church, army and public transport. All these parties are in regular contact throughout the year to ensure that everything runs smoothly when the time comes. There are similar and separate plans for other Commonwealth countries where Elizabeth is regent.

First (other than family and hospital staff) to be informed death of Elizabeth his private secretary, Edward Young† He is the intermediary between the Queen and the government and will ensure that the message is forwarded to Prime Minister Boris Johnson via secure telephone lines. Direct colleagues of Johnson and governments of other Commonwealth countries will also be notified.

After that, it will be informed through the media. PA Media (similar to the Dutch information service) FATHERI† The Prime Minister will also address the public, followed by a gun salute and a national moment of silence. The news is broadcast on BBC One and “appropriate” music is played. The UK’s leading radio stations are said to already have playlists of non-disruptive music (which can also be played in other times of national disaster or death). Several media channels have already been prepared. same way Heat Have enough items to fill the diary for the first eleven days after death.

The news is also being shared at Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s office. An obituary has been placed on the palace gate to inform visitors. The same message also appears on the British Royal Family’s website and the social media of all members of the Royal Family are going black. Flags are being lowered across the country – government offices and public buildings must do so within ten minutes of reporting the incident. Public places like libraries and museums have condolence books for people to show their support.

Prince Charles was crowned King Charles the day after his mother’s death. His wife Camilla can call herself queen.

Prince Charles was crowned King Charles the day after his mother's death.  His wife Camilla can call herself queen.

Prince Charles was crowned King Charles the day after his mother’s death. His wife Camilla can call herself queen.

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Crown Prince Charles to meet Prime Minister Johnson soon haveI He addresses the audience on the night of Elizabeth’s death. At the same time, Buckingham Palace is preparing for his arrival and the invitations are being prepared for his inauguration as king.

At 11 a.m. the day after Elizabeth’s death, Charles was crowned king. He must then promptly prepare for a trip to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where he meets people and introduces himself as their new monarch.

Elizabeth’s body is taken to the throne room of Buckingham Palace two days after her death. there is an altar and four royal guards guard his corpse. There loved ones can mourn and say goodbye, including the staff, many of whom will lose their jobs. The heir to the throne is expected to bring many of his associates to Buckingham Palace. From the sixth to the ninth day of her death, the Queen rests with great pomp in the Palace of Westminster, where the public can bid her farewell.

Meanwhile, London rehearsals are underway for his state funeral at Westminster Abbey, ten days after his death. The day itself is a national day of mourning and many companies will release their employees. Elizabeth was buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, where her husband Philip was buried in April 2021.

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