Sean Penn left Ukraine for documentary

Sean Penn and two of his colleagues left Ukraine, like many refugees from the besieged country: on foot and with only the most necessary luggage. The Huffington Post. The actor and filmmaker was in Ukraine to shoot a documentary.

On Monday, the filmmaker and his colleagues left their cars on the road and walked miles to the Polish border. Penn shared a photo of a long car ride on Twitter. “Almost all the cars in this photo carry only women and children, no trace of luggage. The car is their only valuable possession,” he wrote.

The actor started his documentary about the imminent invasion of (then) Russia in November 2021. The deputy prime minister held talks with journalists and the army at the time. He was congratulated by the President of Ukraine for his work.

“Sean Penn shows courage that others, especially Western politicians, lack,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office wrote on Facebook. “The director came to Kiev especially to catch up on all the events currently happening in Ukraine and to tell the world the truth about the Russian invasion of our country.”

On February 24, the actor and director attended a press conference held by Zelensky in his office in Kiev (see photo accompanying this article).

Penn was also in Ukraine at the end of November to work on the Vice Studios project. He has been involved in many international humanitarian and peace initiatives over the years. Documentary arrived in 2020 citizen Penn The actor recorded how various organizations acted after the earthquakes in Haiti.

Source: NU