Who is Sarah Manuela? The truth behind a story of scams and empathy

It’s about the truth behind it Sarah Manuelaa woman who made waves on social media, but nothing was what it seemed.

While the young woman attracted the attention of several men, she stood her ground sentimental relationships With this and he managed to do his thing through the chats, the truth was about to come out.

Martha Hidalgoa successful Colombian dentist, denied Sara’s profile, proving it to be identity theft and a completely fake account.

Some suitors of the imposter (who was posing as a person of Venezuelan nationality) came to buy airplane ticketsleaving their partners and spending large sums of money to please who was ultimately an illusion.

One of these victims was the one who contacted Martha and let her know what happened to her photos and image, that it was appropriated.

More than a year and a half ago, as well as in October 2022, several people sent Hidalgo proof of everything that happened to his publications. “Something that I found really alarming was when he sent me the messages he exchanged with her. He tells me he met her Facebook and they had been dating online for four months,” but every time they tried to see each other, he made some tragic excuse, which made him suspicious. That’s why when he confronted her, she accepted the impersonation, but also told him that “she suffered from depression, was overweight, that she had a very tragic life and that’s why she used pictures of another person”, she says. on her social networks.

Source: El heraldo