Kate and William’s first appearance after Harry’s book: ‘Not all therapies help’

Kate and William’s first appearance after Harry’s book: ‘Not all therapies help’

Kate Middleton and Prince William show themselves publicly for the first time since the publication of Harry’s book. The two do not respond to reporters’ questions, but the princess opens up about the importance of mental health.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Kate Middleton and the Prince William first appeared in public after the release of “Spare”, Prince Harry’s autobiography in which he speaks openly about his relationship with his father, his brother and everything related to the royal family, especially his wife Meghan Markle, demonstrating a certain impatience with a system from which he wanted to distance himself. The Duchess of Wales, as reported by The Sun, also spoke of the usefulness of mental therapy, adding that not all modalities are effective, and it is good that there are different ones.

Kate and William do not respond to questions about Harry

A public presence on a visit to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the United Kingdom, opened in October last year and which promises to be one of the great excellences of the country, with more than 600 beds, and is the Prince and Princess from Wales who wanted to highlight the quality offered to patients during their visit, praising the work of the health professionals present on their arrival. Before entering the hospital, the journalists present tried to ask the two some questions about Harry’s book, hoping for some testimony, but both Kate and William did not respond.

Kate Middleton on mental health

The second stop on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s tour was the Open Door Charity in Birkenhead, a leisure center offering cultural and mental health activities. The princess, as reported by The Sun would have declared: “

Talk therapies don’t always work for some people, they don’t work for everyone. It is very important to have a variety of therapies. Everyone talks a lot more about mental health. There were often negative connotations about this. But if we can understand that there are these more positive spaces and experiences out there, then we’re changing how we talk about them.

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