Dua Lipa accused of plagiarism by reggae band on world hit Levitating

The tube of Dua Lipa levitation totally not designed by the singer and her team, according to a reggae group that records their own songs Live your life recognized on the board. That is why the group sued the 26-year-old artist and his record label. TMZI

The lyrics may not match, but the choruses of the two songs are so similar that the group believes there is plagiarism. Artikal Sound System has been introduced Live your life In 2017, more than three years before Dua Lipa released her worldwide hit.

In the indictment, the group writes that Dua Lipa’s team is open. Live your life heard and inspired by it. The reggae group declined to explain further on what basis they believed this.

Dua Lipa is personally accused. The Warner Records label and some of the songwriters and producers who worked on the song are also being sued. Artikal sound system levitation and compensation.

Source: NU