Victoria Beckham because she is selling hundreds of her branded items

Victoria Beckham because she is selling hundreds of her branded items

Have you noticed that on the Victoria Beckham website there are hundreds of items at very low prices? These would not be simple end-of-season offers, but discounts linked to an alleged brand crisis.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

Victoria Beckham she has proven to be a particularly eclectic artist from her beginnings until today: after the success achieved with the Spice Girls in the 90s, she managed to reinvent herself by becoming a fashion designer. She built a veritable empire that bears her name, arriving on the London Fashion Week catwalk with creations dedicated to fashion. Now, however, things seem to have changed. On the brand’s website, she started to apply incredible discounts on hundreds of items and this left the tabloids suspicious, who took the opportunity to “do the math”. What came up? Her company would be in the red and would have accumulated very high debts.

Victoria Beckham’s Brand Debts

The Mirror analyzed Victoria Beckham’s brand data and discovered something shocking. Since 2008, the former Posh Spice has personally designed the company’s clothing and accessories, allowing his personal style to emerge 100%. Over the years, however, Victoria Beckham Holdings Ltd would have accumulated very high debts, so much so that they currently amount to 66.3 million sterile. However, brand representatives deny the crisis by stating that, despite the losses, profits would have increased in the 2020 financial year. The detail that doesn’t add up? If earnings had really increased, David’s wife would not have been forced to close her second Victoria line by Victoria Beckham.

What items are sold at discounted prices

Faced with similar data, it is not surprising that Victoria has exposed herself to the forefront to sponsor the products of her beauty collection on social networks, hoping to give them greater prominence. As if that weren’t enough, hundreds of garments were put up for sale on the brand’s official website with discounts of up to 60%. Sunglasses, coats, gym clothes, mini dresses: there are many clothes that Victoria is selling and the end of season offers have nothing to do with it, it is probably precisely linked to the supposed crisis. However, Beckham continues to maintain a certain secrecy on the subject and dedicates himself body and soul to his company: what are the plans for the future?

Source: Fan Page IT