Bella Hadid changes her look again: goodbye blonde, she’s back to chocolate brown

Bella Hadid changes her look again: goodbye blonde, she’s back to chocolate brown

Bella Hadid has changed her look yet again. She said goodbye to the blonde and went back to her favorite hue, chocolate brown.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

What better occasion than the start of the new year to revolutionize your look? The stars know this well and there are many who visit their trusted hairdresser during this period, in order to make a drastic change in their lives, also from an aesthetic point of view. The last one who couldn’t resist the temptation was Beautiful Hadid, who after the recent “header” returned to his favorite nuance: the brown chocolate. Here are the photos of the model with the “new” hair: with the umpteenth color change, is she getting ready for the month dedicated to international Fashion Weeks?

Bella Hadid’s new look

At the end of December, Bella Hadid shocked everyone with very blonde hair, but what few people know is that this is actually her natural shade. The reason he’s dyed his hair for years? To “diversify” the sister Gigi, who has always been faithful to the blonde. Today, however, things have changed: after the surprise headbutt, the model visited her trusted hairdresser again, to go back to chocolate brown. This was revealed by her hairstylist, who shared a reel on social media in which she appears super glamorous in all-black and with flowing dark hair worn with the front tufts gathered at the center of her neck.

Chocolate brown is the nuance of winter

Why did the model choose chocolate brown? In addition to being the color that has always been present on international catwalks and red carpets, it is also the perfect color for winter. Thanks to its versatility, it manages to enhance both long and short hair, adapting to any type of complexion and cut. It “warms” the face, frames the features and is full of reflections: in short, it is absolutely ideal for those who don’t want to be too daring in the coldest season of the year. How many will follow Bella Hadid’s lead in the coming weeks?

Source: Fan Page IT