Miss Universe, the American R’Bonney Gabriel wins: “Age does not define the woman”

Miss Universe, the American R’Bonney Gabriel wins: “Age does not define the woman”

R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA, was crowned “Most Beautiful in the World”. She works as a stylist and teaches sewing to women victims of violence.

Author: Beatrice Manca

the american R’Bonney Gabriel she was crowned the 71st miss Universe. Born in Houston, aged 28, Gabriel works as a model, stylist and sewing teacher: through her profession, she helps women victims of violence to get out of difficult situations. The new Miss Universe is the first Filipino-American woman to win the Miss USA crown.

Miss Universe 2022 final

The most famous beauty pageant in the world was held on Saturday, January 14th, in New Orleans, Louisiana, with 84 women from as many countries participating. For the first time, the competition was hosted by new ownership, JKN Global Group PCL, of trans tycoon and activist Anne Jakkaphong. Italy in the competition was represented by Virginia Stablum, 24 years old, from Trentino. The podium comes entirely from the American continent: the second and third places went to Amanda Dudamel, from Venezuela, and Andreína Martínez, from the Dominican Republic.

R’Bonney Gabriel: ‘Age does not define women’

R’Bonney Gabriel she is a model, stylist and sewing teacher: her work, she says, is oriented towards the defense of the environment and commitment to women in difficulty: “I teach sewing classes for women who are survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. And I say this because it is very important to invest in others, to invest in our community“.

Miss Universe 2023
Miss Universe 2023

During the competition, the American competitor spoke about the age taboo for women: Gabriel entered the competition at 28 years old, the maximum age to participate. “I would like to raise the competition age because I am 28 years old, the highest age to compete. And I think that’s a beautiful thing. As a woman, I believe that age does not define us. It’s not tomorrow, it’s not yesterday, but it’s now. The time is now“.

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