‘Britney Spears out of control, screaming at fans’, the truth behind the restaurant videos

‘Britney Spears out of control, screaming at fans’, the truth behind the restaurant videos

When the paparazzi surprised her at a Los Angeles restaurant for the first time in years, the tabloids ran the story of an alleged emotional breakdown. “Manic behavior, disjointed speeches and screams”, but the videos tell a different episode.

By Giulia Turco

years ago Britney Spears was not surprised during apublic release. The only appearances since the father’s legal custody were videos and photos on social networks, which at times alarmed fans, suggesting alleged manipulations against the pop star. That’s why, when the paparazzi caught her in a restaurant in Los Angeles together with her husband, the newspapers put back on track the gossip machine that had dominated her years before, with headlines apparently created ad hoc to denounce the scandal.

The truth behind Britney Spears’ restaurant video

The news comes from a reported by some customers of a restaurant, the Joey from Los Angeles, which surprised the pop star a few tables away. The article, reported by TMZ, talks about “manic behaviors” by Britney and a “bizarre breakdown” which would even alienate her husband Sam Ashgari.

Dinner was a disaster for Britney. Customers took out their cell phones and started filming her. She got mad and things quickly got worse.”, we read on Tmz. “Eyewitnesses claim that Britney got manicstarted to screaming and talking unintelligibly. We were told that Sam was visibly upset, he got up abruptly and walked out the door.”

However, according to the only video in circulation, published by TMZ, the singer would have done nothing but talk to the waiter, getting irritated at one point with the cameras of other customers pointed at her, so much so that she covered her face. with the restaurant menu.

Britney Spears’ reaction after dinner at the restaurant

The day after the incident Britney is back on social media publishing a post that appears to be a clear response to media allegations about his behavior. It’s an illustration shared through the profile @melisa.illustrations, with the caption “They told me I couldn’t, that’s how I did it!“, or “They told me not to do it, that’s why I did it“. A posture that speaks a lot about the intolerance that the pop star feels in the face of this type of constraint.

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