Fusa Noocta: “It’s great to be among the favourites, but at the same time it means there’s a lot more pressure.”

Fusa Noocta: “It’s great to be among the favourites, but at the same time it means there’s a lot more pressure.”

‘My family’ is Fusa Nocta’s suggestion to fall in love with Spain and travel to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Spain, which will be held in Liverpool in May. The artist from Gandía, one of the great favorites, presents an unprecedented proposal in this preselection.

Days before going on stage and showing his production to the whole audience, the young woman takes care of everyone in the sports world where he explains some details of his proposal.

One of the “big favourites” for representing Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Fusa Nocta It took only a few minutes after her proposal for the Benidorm festival to establish herself as one of the great favorites of the edition. “It’s really cool to be among the favorites, but at the same time it also means a lot more pressure”Explains the artist who, since the song’s release, can be proud to be one of the most heard.

However: “I didn’t expect anything, that’s why I’m so happy and grateful now.” And while most of the reviews are good, this one mostly explains what is said: “I try not to be too aware, not to think about it too much, because it puts more pressure on me”.

Fusa Nocta in the promotional photos of Benidorm Fest


“My family”, your most personal suggestion

When her name came up as one of the artists at Benidorm Fest, Fusa Nocta clearly knew which song to bring: “I started this song two years ago, we started working on it to make and add cool rhythms. Then the internal elections started and my name was heard. Since I already had the song and I thought it might sound cool there, I started working on this song, much more focused on a concert. I presented and here we are ».

“Since I already had the song, I started working on it in a much more show-oriented way.”

Fusa makes it clear that it’s something new: “It’s something we didn’t include, I don’t even think there was much of that style in the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s an exam. It’s a song without a chorus, with thousands of genres, with nuances of many things. I also see a lot of external support.”

Fusa Nocta in a photo from her Instagram account


The cover of “My Family” that received the most comments

Before you know what ‘My family’ sounds like, the 18 artists presented their single covers one after the other. What Fusa Nocta certainly didn’t expect is the excitement the release has caused. “I was the last one to publish the cover. I waited for the perfect moment to load it. Then they started making a joke about it in the Benidorm Fest Whatsapp group and I decided to post it.” He explains why he used to release a ‘fake’ cover.

“There were all sorts of comments, good ones, bad ones, who understood it was a joke, others who said it was disrespectful to colleagues. But for us it was super fun in the chat because it was such a relief for the nerves, we laughed a lot while reading the news. Then this happened, I posted a tweet saying it was a joke, but nobody read that tweet,” he finally shares about this moment.

the layers of

The covers of “My Family” by Fusa Nocta

Press play and find out what he explains to us about Fusa Nocta from the video clip, what his relationship with his colleagues at Benidorm Fest is like and how he responds to Alfredo Garcia’s question!

Source: La Neta Neta