Attilio Romita and Patrizia Rossetti against Wilma Goich: “She was a witch, a viper”

Attilio Romita and Patrizia Rossetti against Wilma Goich: “She was a witch, a viper”

Among the protagonists of the Monday, January 16th episode of Big Brother Vip was Wilma Goich. The singer confronted Attilio Romita and Patrizia Rossetti, who objected to her behavior.

Author: Ilaria Costabile

Among the protagonists of the episode of Big Brother VIP on Monday, January 16th, there are Wilma Goich. The singer was the target of a series of criticisms from two competitors, one still inside the house, the other however, who had been out for a few weeks. Is about Atilio Romita AND Patricia Rossetti who demonstrated against gieffina due to some behaviors adopted at home.

Comment by Attilio Romita

The first to complain was Attilio Romita himself who, during some confessions, declared that he was surprised by what Wilma said about him, words that were reported to him by other roommates and that hurt him enough, to the point of labeling her as “sour, bad and witch”. When Alfonso Signorini asked the former face of Tg1 what had triggered this hatred, he recalled the moment when Goich would have said: “Better go home, being here solves nothing and has nothing left to say” phrases spoken at a particularly difficult time, as well as some comments made with other competitors in recent weeks.

The singer then responds by saying, “Here, unfortunately, when you say something, it comes out and when you have to get to the interested person, a series of things are added. I never spoke ill of Attilio, so much so that I consider myself his friend, if later he says I’m bitter, his thoughts are bad”. Romita, however, tries to explain the reasons for these considerations and then softens his judgment by saying:

I believe Wilma has extraordinary mood swings, moments where she is Nonni where she is sweet, I also feel like asking her for advice because they are always thoughtful.

The comparison with Patrizia Rossetti

But it’s not over for Wilma Goich, it’s time for a confrontation with Patrizia Rossetti, who returned to the House to tell her friend which behaviors had hurt her and which she became aware of after leaving the reality show:

I come here as a friend, I didn’t think I’d make friends on Big Brother Vip, and instead I sometimes thought I’d found it. I didn’t expect you to say such nonsense about me to the other kids. You didn’t give him a chance to understand me, if you had a problem with me you talked about it, I must tell myself if I grumbled, you couldn’t help it, hearing certain things said when you could have come to me and told me that certain things I did you didn’t like. You like poker we play here too, in poker you bluff, here too you bluff, but in poker you have to show loyalty and respect to your opponent.

Wilma Goich therefore responds by saying: “It’s not easy talking to you, you have a way of getting angry that I don’t. Two things stuck in my mind “I hope he goes out and takes a shit” you told me. But if I didn’t tell you certain things, it’s because there was no way”. Patrizia then continued to speak arguing that Wilma adopts this attitude with everyone: “I didn’t expect that at my age and your age I’d be walking around with all the other kids making nasty comments, and it’s something you keep doing even now with the girls, you talk about one or the other”. The two, however, said goodbye with the promise to meet outside the house: “For me, Patrizia is a friend”, says Goich, greeting the ex-Gieffina.

Source: Fan Page IT