Belen Rodriguez: “I love Stefano, I’ve always loved him and I’ve never stopped”

Belen Rodriguez: “I love Stefano, I’ve always loved him and I’ve never stopped”

The dancer talks about her love for Stefano De Martino and his success to the Argentine weekly “F”: “I’ve always loved him and I’ve always supported him a lot”.

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

Bethlehem Rodriguez tells about his love life with Stefano De Martino to the Argentine weekly “F”. The interview was resumed by Ora, who dedicated the cover of this week’s edition to the couple. Among them, writes the fortnightly, “there is more maturity and this time there will be no surprises and setbacks”. So it seems. After all, Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez are already mature and ready to face the future. A great love story that has had its ups and downs over the years, but which now seems more than stable. “If you try to run away from someone you love”Belen Rodriguez says “You can’t do this: you always find yourself in front of you.”

The words of Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez recounted her “third time” with Stefano De Martino to the Argentine weekly “F”. That’s right: from the Amici phase, where they met and started their relationship, came the marriage and birth of Santiago De Martino. So, the first parting. Unlike her, he never made any stories official. He always had the idea of ​​resuming the relationship with Belen. Thus, they got back together for the second time. So, separation again. Belen then gave birth to Luna Marì with Antonino Spinalbese, but surprisingly it all ended soon after. And now they are together again.

The choice is dictated by the fact that I love this person, I have always loved him and never stopped. Having this beautiful family is something I never expected.

Stefano De Martino’s success, Belen: “He always had that charisma”

At this historic moment, Stefano De Martino’s star seems to shine with its own light, perhaps even brighter than that of Bethlehem. The charm of the Neapolitan dancer is also combined with a great ability to know how to entertain, to know how to work well in the world of entertainment. The success of Bar Stella and Tonight Tudo é Possível is there for all to see. Bethlehem comments:

He always had this charisma, this crazy artistic verve: if I had chosen him, when I could have been with anyone, I would have seen something. But life with a dancer is not easy. There is a lot of self-centeredness, little personal satisfaction, smaller gains. In the beginning, when she didn’t have the means to carry out her projects, I was definitely a wall of support. And I’ve always been very supportive of him anyway.

Soon, Stefano De Martino will be involved in a one-man theatrical show: “Better Tonight”.

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