The Maneskin between classic suits, latex and leather: all the looks for the Gossip video

The Maneskin between classic suits, latex and leather: all the looks for the Gossip video

The Maneskin released the music video for their new single Gossip, depopulating with their new looks that mix masculinity and genderless. Here’s what they wore and who signed their outfits.

Author: Valeria Paglionico

THE mannequins are the most requested band of the moment: since they won Sanremo in 2021 they started to travel the whole world with their music and since then they have never stopped being successful. With each new hit they manage to climb the international classics and it is not surprising that their unpublished works are always highly anticipated. On January 13th, for example, they launched Gossip along with Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, but only recently also presented the video. Here’s what Damiano & Co used. for its umpteenth success.

The Maneskin mixes masculine and genderless

Frontman Damiano David gave a short preview of the video for Gossip on social networks, where several days before the release of the single he had shown himself struggling for the first time with a drastic haircut, then with a bare chest and shaved head, or with the same hairstyle that he also sports in the clip next to the other members of the band. In addition to the hairstyles, it could only be the looks that caught the attention of the public. The Maneskins once again turned to Maison Gucci, which has accompanied them for years in their numerous conquests, even if on this occasion they mixed masculine and genderless style.

The Gucci mannequins
The Gucci mannequins

From ties to leather accessories

In the video of Gossip the Maneskins proposed two different costumes, always dressed in a coordinated way according to tradition. At first, everyone focuses on smart, tailored suits, from Damiano’s midnight blue, to Victoria and Thomas’ double-breasted suit, to Ethan’s pinstripe suit. Ties, loafers, high-heeled boots and used shirts buttoned up to the neck completed the rigorous and super-elegant look. Shortly after, the band members returned to their beloved genderless style among fire red leather jackets, studded belts, mesh tops, lace-up latex cuissardes, and visible underwear. Which of the two styles do you prefer for the roman band?

Source: Fan Page IT