Awkwardness at the BBC, live hard video audio: presenter Gary Lineker doesn’t hesitate

Awkwardness at the BBC, live hard video audio: presenter Gary Lineker doesn’t hesitate

Unexpectedly during “Match of the day”, BBC 1’s in-depth football programme, a loud audio of a female orgasm began and the presenter couldn’t control his laughter. Apologies from the broadcaster.

By Andrea Parrella

The beauty of live coverage is the phrase television enthusiasts are fond of for explaining the unexpected. They will know more after tonight Gary Lineker and the guests of Match of The Day, the BBC program dedicated to football and, in particular, the history of FA Cup games. During a moment of debate, porn audio was suddenly heard at full volume, almost covering the voice of the commentators themselves. After a few seconds, host and former football player Gary Lineker, who had tried to contain an obvious reaction when passing the line to stadium correspondent Alan Shearer, could not contain a laugh, with a clear amusing allusion to the noise felt in the studio.

Gary Lineker’s explanations via Twitter

At night, it was the maestro himself who added elements to unravel the mystery of the audio that suddenly came out, and continued commenting on the story in an amusing tone. Posting a tweet on social media with a picture of a tape recorder covered in duct tape, writing: “Well we found this tape recorder in the bottom of the set. As a sabotage it was pretty funny.”

The conductor closes the broadcast with sarcasm

But that wasn’t Lineker’s only comment about the embarrassing moment of tonight’s show. By the way, the maestro ended the program with an irony that fits perfectly with his character. Lineker opted for sarcasm to end the night and, referring to Liverpool player Harvey Elliot’s goal celebration: “His goal tonight was a scream, not the only one we heard tonight.”

Apologies from the BBC

A few hours after the incident, an apology arrived directly from the BBC, which, as you know, is a public broadcaster like Rai. On social media, you can read the words of the company’s spokesperson: “We apologize to our viewers who were offended by what happened during our live coverage of this afternoon’s football events. We are investigating to understand what happened.”

Source: Fan Page IT