Predictions according to the zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope for 2023

With the Chinese New Year, which begins on January 22, the water rabbit arrives. According to astrologer Ludovica Squirru Dari, this will be an auspicious year for many zodiac animals.

In fact, the astrology expert assures that this year will work in preparation for 2024, the year of the Wood Dragon, which will mean “a before and after in the history of mankind”.

“The rabbit is like the passport to the true reality of what we all have to live as humanity, because no one is saved. And personally the possibility of a transcendent change,” Ludovica told El Clarín.

The rat

The water energy, concentrated in the kidneys and reproductive system, will go into excess, and with it your speed will increase, as well as your ability to improvise and anticipate the movements of what will likely be imaginary enemies. Beware of imagination.

The expert also warns that “she should be more careful, as the fear that characterizes her will turn against her, especially in the second half of the year.”

It’s also going to be a good year to find and keep a partner, at least during the time of hormones and infatuation. You will be liked, you will renew friendships and you will have good job opportunities that can include a more stable professional life.

The buffalo

The buffalo will have to seek help, he cannot do anything alone. In severe cases, patriarchs and big businessmen or politicians may be out of luck. They will have to charm their lawyers and accountants.

The year will be more favorable for those who want to pay attention to their bodies, who seek pleasure in the mundane and the small. In this way they will be able to graze in peace on the path of the golden mean, unless an overly ambitious thought crosses their mind. Wu wei, this is not the year to go out.

The Tiger

The tiger has the extraordinary ability to pretend it doesn’t hurt to fall. Trying to hide what you feel after a hectic and sometimes even tragic year is not advisable in these times; first, because people are already used to hearing him protest all the time, and second, because those who do listen to him are more empathetic than in previous decades, especially young people born in this century.

Ludovica Squirru Dari says everything will revolve around her emotions and how receptive she is to tenderness, the acceptance of her own mistakes and a little bit of passion. This is going to be an enjoyable year as long as you don’t park yourself in the past and see the future smiling at you.


Rabbits don’t suffer much from their own year except at key moments: when they turn 24 (the Chinese say that’s when adulthood begins) and when they turn 60. The phenomenon is called ben ming nian, which means “in this life” or own year.

The year of the water rabbit will influence the rabbits of 1963, because this ben ming nian represents the sum of all the experiences of a full cycle of sixty years.

The long-lived 1927 and 1987 rabbits, who also have fire energy, will be able to reflect on what is essential to them and what is already burdening them. The other rabbits will learn not to be taken advantage of and in many cases will be the example to follow. Welcome to your own year.

The Dragon

Relationships with the sign of Rabbit are strange. On the one hand, when these two meet, a great affection grows between them and it is not strange that they enter into marriages, love affairs and friendships that last for years; but when we talk about the Chinese calendar, and we refer to the days, hours, months and years of the Dragon along with the Rabbit, its influence causes an endless number of situations which, while interesting, can cause all sorts of problems.

Source: El heraldo