Nikkie de Jager gets Saturday evening show: ‘A special, trans woman in this place’

Nikkie de Jager makes her solo debut on Saturday evening as a presenter of a large variety show. Successful YouTuber and entrepreneur once hosted the Eurovision Song Contest and made the program of AVROTROS makeup cup, but says in a conversation with that Saturday evening is an important honor. “I think this place is very special, a trans woman.”

Mr De said: “It’s good that you didn’t think about it, and it’s good that more people didn’t. We have already won a lot in this area. But for me this is a very special moment, yes.” Hunter, who’s on the only show tonight the only truth visible.

“As a kid I used to watch these kinds of shows, especially Family With On The Couch. At that time I saw no one like me. The fact that this is now going to happen for trans children in the Netherlands is something I think is a good thing. It is. so important to know as a species: everything is going well, everything is going well. reactions.”

But De Jager does not follow what people think on social media. “No haha. Twitter only makes you miserable in moments like this. I listen to the people around me and of course I’m curious about the number of views. But it’s not necessary. For that: I can get these views. another And also : I’m right in front of you All of the Netherlands BaktI’m really not going to win this haha. It is very nice to have this opportunity.”

“What does the Netherlands think about this? †

De Jager liked to present alone

the only truth It follows four famous Dutchmen who are trying to get really good at something they couldn’t before, including Maik de Boer and Romy Monteiro. After weeks of training – for example drumming – they perform with four others. The other four are professionals and, like celebrities, wear that celebrity’s face mask. It’s up to panelists Caroline Tensen, Edson de Graça and Jamai Loman to guess which of the five is the real celebrity.

It is the first time that De Jager has put on such a big show on his own. That is why she cannot return to Chantal Janzen or Jan Smit as she did during the Eurovision Song Contest. He didn’t care: “No, I loved it, haha. I am a total control freak and can now arrange everything the way I want. Intercede when I tell myself, “I need to speed up now.” Or discuss it with the panelists so the audience knows what’s going on. Not being alive was a plus because if something goes wrong, you can intervene. But luckily that was not necessary. So I went there thinking it was still alive, so the first time everything should be fine.”

variety is best

the only truth It is a one-off but will be shown again next week on De Jager RTL 4. Then in the program. make a decisionThe film in which famous Dutch people turn into drag queens. After a one-off show in 2021, the program has now been expanded. De Jager and Fred van Leer rejoin the panel as panelists.

“I like these guessing games: Who is it? But I like it most mask singer It always takes too long, I just want to answer. here it is in your hands make a decision So yes: every week five celebrities come by and we soon know who the four people are who did not make it to the final.

In addition to her work on social media and her own company Nimya, De Jager enjoys switching between presenter and panel member the most. He definitely likes his own shows more. “But first let’s see what people think. the only truth† Then we can plan further.

The Only Real can be seen on RTL4 on Saturday 2 April at 20:00. Create Your Idea On April 9, 21:30 on the same channel.

Source: NU