John de Wolf is looking forward to marrying Inge ’16 pounds lighter’

The Rotterdam football icon says he is “super proud” that Jochem is married to the couple. “We are big fans. We met on the beach once and it was an instant hit. It’s the same in everyday life as it is on stage. a much better plan.. Jochem said he is also a babs (extraordinary clerk) which means he can marry people. Then we’re ready right away. You couldn’t make us happier. Yes with a smile.

John had to change his wedding suit because he was a few corona pounds lighter. “I have lost a lot of weight, sixteen kilos in total. I achieved this in six weeks. I put on over 113lbs on my biggest and was 98 this morning. My costume was meant to be entertained, I’m proud of it, I’m feeling fit again. Nothing stands in the way of a big party soon.

The couple was originally scheduled to get married on December 10, but the restaurant business was closed a week ago due to quarantine. “Yeah, it used to be like that, so it was disappointing. You really look forward to it, you make great plans and then it doesn’t come true. Anyway, you should also be sober about it: be happy to be with you. The family is healthy. We soon had three new dates and we made a choice between them. Last week the music was booked. And Jochem can also go to the new day, because otherwise we would have another problem.

Source: RTL