The enormous physical change of the actors of the best Spanish series 18 years later

The enormous physical change of the actors of the best Spanish series 18 years later

Almost 20 years have passed since the premiere of “Aída”, a series born as a spin-off of “Siete Vidas”, which, thanks to an excellent combination of script and cast, has become a resounding success and today one of the most is remembered and loved Spanish serials by the audience. we will show you How are the actors of ‘Aida’ doing at the moment? and the great physical changes that the passage of time has left in them … 20 years pass for a reason!

Time flies for everyone No matter how famous someone becomes, it is clear that the passage of time leaves its mark on everyone, which is not always a bad thing, because there are people who are better off at 40 than at 20. But definitely affecting those times, it’s very hard to look exactly the same after so many years.

The actors of “Aida” 20 years later

Thanks to Paco León, one of the protagonists of ‘Aída’ to play the mythical Luisma. He has published on his Instagram profile several images of a reunion with some of his colleagues from the Telecinco comedy, some images that have caused a lot of conversation and emotion among his followers. The audience likes to see the main characters of their favorite series together on social networks, especially if several years have passed.

Among the participants in this reunion, in addition to Paco León himself, were Carmen Machi (Aida), Melani Olivares (Paz), Ana Polvorosa (Lorena), David Castillo (Jonathan), Miren Ibarguren (Soraya), Eduardo Casanova (Fidel) , Pepa Rus (Macu), Canco Rodríguez (Barajas) and Secun de la Rosa (Toni), which is undoubtedly a good part of the cast that has passed the series in its 10 seasons.

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Some of the most important performers the series has had, being the longest running Spanish comedy on television thanks to its 237 episodes (plus 8 specials), include Pepe Viyuela (Chema), Mariano Peña (Mauricio Colmenero), Óscar Reyes (Machupichu), Marisol Ayuso (Doña Eugenia) or Sanseverina Lazar (Aidita). It is not known why these or other members of the cast were not present at the gathering attended by all of the individuals mentioned in the previous paragraph.

‘Aída’ It originated as a spin-off of the sitcom Siete Vidas., in which Aída herself worked in Gonzalo’s bar, one of the protagonists. The character of Aída became so popular thanks to Carmen Machi’s masterful interpretation that they did not hesitate to bet on their own series that shows their neighborhood and family.

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