Yina Calderón attacked Wilfran Castillo for a music video

However, the music video was approved by YouTube and removed from the platform, so Yina Calderón used her Instagram “stories” to attack Wilfran Castillo.

“I did the cover with great respect, I think the production and the guaracha are spectacular. As you already know, I didn’t ask him for permission when I did the song and I didn’t do it in bad faith. Then he went out to make some statements on Instagram saying he wouldn’t do anything to me that even though he would change a few things he wouldn’t do anything. So hypocritical and ravaged that he goes on Instagram to put on a mother’s face and from the back he sent me to drop the cover…yes, people who are so fake bother me,” Calderón said.

Therefore, Castillo published a video on the same social network and assured that he had no role in the removal of the Yina Calderón video. He also asked him to retract his abusive words.

“I’ve never liked the victim position, but before we say anything, people need to think about who they’re talking about. Therefore, I want to make a public request to @oficialdjyinacalderon to withdraw for stating: (Wilfran castillo asked YouTube to download the video) and also for the statements: (false – underhanded – liar) and clarify his audience, in the same way, that I have not harmed the course of his activity as an artist,” wrote the composer.

Finally, he reiterated that he will not take legal action against the creator of the content.

“Reject a lawsuit outright, although it brings more and more merits, I will give you the opportunity to correct the public statements that have tarnished my good name as a person in the music market. If this did not happen or the action was repeated ,,then would it be different decisions, because chivalry also has its limits,” he said.

Source: El heraldo