When and where the Goya Awards 2023 take place: these are the red carpet keys

When and where the Goya Awards 2023 take place: these are the red carpet keys

Goya Awards 2023 They arrive like an almost unprecedented artistic storm in our industry. Perhaps a long time has passed since the Spanish Academy had to choose between a series of fictions in which any of them could have been the winner in the following editions. The two main contenders for maximum recognition are precisely two works that have won international prizes in prestigious competitions, helping Carla Simón to break the Berlinale curse. capers and Sorogoyen academics dazzling Tokyo Film Festival with like beasts. Perhaps the filmmaker’s bloody country drama The kingdom it’s slightly above the proposal for the filmmaker’s second film, which was eliminated from the Oscar 2023 finalist list in the first change. The two stand behind them. the mother, Model 77 Y five wolves They will try to surprise you.

The date and place of Goya 2023

Last year the Spanish Film Awards Night was held in Valencia to celebrate the birthday of filmmaker Luis Garcia Berlanga. This year, however, the Academy will try to repeat the success of the 2019 edition and return to Seville for the occasion. It will be in Fibes on February 11. The RTVE red carpet broadcast will take place at the Seville Congress and Exhibition Center from 7pm. Then at 10 pm the awards ceremony will start, where we can meet the winners of each category.

Goya Awards 2023

The city of Giralda has once again prepared wonderfully well for the Goya Awards 2023. Special events and events related to the seventh national art are taking place throughout the city, such as the concert at the Cartuja Center, where you can hear soundtracks such as Mediterranean-, the shadow of the law each the good standard.

The moderators and the prize winner

Goya 2023

Goya 2023 will feature two of the most outstanding players in the Spanish sector on this occasion: Antonio de la Torre and Clara Lago. The tandem we saw worked together in bands like Cousins At which gala this will certainly not be missing, the jokes and another possible musical number will be missing.

this time it is Carlo Saura who will receive the Goya de Honra 2023. The hunt Y the garden of delights At the age of 90, he will rise with the greatest recognition the Spanish film industry has to offer.

Source: La Neta Neta